Tutto Fa Brodo

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Arte de Tutto Fa Brodo

General Information

Everything makes broth. That is, all things come together to make our lives, our nourishment.


"Shared trouble, shared joy."


Founded Spring 2024, debuted at Bryn Gwlad Candlemas.


2024 Candlemas: Debuted.
2024 Gulf Wars: Camped with Bjornsborg/Ravensfort and cooked for several nightly meals and some breakfasts.


House Traditions and Guidelines

1) Don't be a dick.
2) We suggest you neither break nor catastrophically damage your personage. And if you do, the household reserves the right to be quite cross with you!
3) Whoever does the cooking DOESN'T do the dishes.
4) No-one goes hungry.

Areas of Focus

  • Welcoming newcomers
  • Reinvigorating experienced SCAdians
  • Promote accessibility and inclusivity within the SCA
  • Feeding the hungry



Membership is open to all who would share in the troubles and joy of supporting newcomers and old dogs alike. Friends of the House may join us for camping, food, and comradery without having to join in decision-making.



  • Meal plan cooking for Bjornsborg/Ravensfort Gulf Wars camp (2024)