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What?: Triumphe of the Eclipse, one of two annual events by the Province of Mooneschadowe.
Where?: Across the Knowne World, and online. FB Group: Event Link

Why?: Because Friendship is Magic and Mooneschadowe is Awesome, and not even a pandemic can break their spirit.


The Boxes

September 12, 2020: The Province of Mooneschadowe shocks the Kingdom, by delivering "Enhanced Experience 4000" boxes to the first 125 individuals who pledge to assist a fundraiser for the Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp, which has been a Northern Region event site for well over 20 years. Teams of drivers deliver boxes in person up to Calontir and all the way down to Bjornsborg. This is in preparation for the event the following week.



  • Music Provided by the Merry Musicians of Mooneschadowe:
  • Chess Tournament
  • Bardic Competition hosted by Danielle de Marseilles: Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! Brought to you by the creators of Privy Caroling and other Bardic Shenanigans. A Bardic competition of truly epic proportions! Triumphe Eternia Bardic Competition (10am-Noon) Each bard competing for the prize will perform 2 pieces in the preliminary rounds. We request that one of them be a piece that can be taught as a sing-a-long, or has an audience participation component (even though we will have to mute zoom. We will all be singing, or doing the hand movements together— in honor of the spirit of Mooneschadowe). Documentation and original pieces will be given more weight in the judging, but are not required. After the first 2 rounds, the judge will select finalists to perform another piece in the final round. The final round will determine the winner. But wait, there’s more! A prize, you say? What is this prize? It’s none other than a leather songwriting journal (with facing pages of staff paper and notepaper). Never fear to lose that elusive melody again. Can I get a “Ooooooo, Ahhhhhh, Ohhhhh, Zowie!”? This lovely thing of beauty and awe can only go to one bard. Will it be you?

Photo/Video Contests

Hosted by Gilyan:
Feast Table at Home ( #triumphefeast)
Join us at Triumphe Eternia and feast together! Decorating your feast table at an event can be so much fun! Laying out your medieval tableware on an actual tablecloth and using *real fabric* napkins isn’t something that people do nowadays, and especially not since the pandemic started. Take some time and set your table with your SCA feast gear. Find some candles and maybe even some decorations. Remember the good times of sitting at feast and talking with friends. Take a picture (or pictures) and post them with the #triumphefeast tag.

Triumphe at Home ( #triumpheathome )
We want to see how you have enjoyed and experienced Triumphe Eternia: We Aren’t Dead Yet at home. Have you dressed in garb or hung a banner on the wall to create an SCA space? Are you listening to the Merry Musicians? Are you sitting around a fire outside? Take a picture (or pictures) of how you have set up your space at home to relive the joy and camaraderie of a Mooneschadowe event in a virtual fashion. Post them with the #triumpheathome tag.

Mugs at Home ( #triumphemugs )
One of my favorite parts of SCA events is getting to drink from a mug. I have different mugs for different things – a hot cocoa mug (small-ish, with a handle), a hot tea or cider mug (small-ish with no handle, to help warm my hands), a tasting mug (just big enough for a few swallows of whatever someone is sharing), a kool-aid mug (a large mug that can hold lots of ice and water/tea/lemonade/kool-aid for the hot weather events), a drinking mug (reasonable sized for carbonated or alcoholic beverages), and a feast mug (matches my feast gear). Of course, each event requires the use of several of these mugs – and wars can require the use of ALL of them! Take a picture of your mug throughout the day and share them with the #triumphemugs tag.

Friendship is Magic ( #triumphefriends )
The friendships Mooneschadeen and MAFIA have made across the known world are a huge reason we are a happy province even during a pandemic. Everypony knows that friendship is magic and each friend is different than the other. Help us share the joy of seeing our friends again by posting a picture of your happy face with the #triumphefriends tag.


Origin of the Beanee Weenee Feast

For many months the mighty Seneschal had called for bids for the greatest event held in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, Mooneschadowe Guardian! No bids were forth coming from responsible members of the Shire, and bids had to be turned in before the next populace meeting. I turned to JP and said I have an idea! We went to the restroom, we got a paper towel and we wrote out a bid. We each added different parts to the bid. Here are some of the particulars:
Site and feast $5
Feast was either a can of Beenie weenies or Vienna sausages which you received at gate after paying site.
Guardian tournament was held at 12:01 am Saturday morning, Insegnante at 2:00 am, Bardic at 12 pm Saturday, Court at 2:00 pm, party till site closed at 10:00 am Sunday.
After we got it written down, we dried our hands with the paper towel. We then made a big show of turning in the bid.
The Seneschal unfolded our damp paper towel bid and read it allowed in populace, saying if this was the only bid that would be the Guardian event.
There were proper bids turned in to the Seneschal before the sun rose on beautiful Mooneschadowe.
As I recall:
Iarll Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne

Event Recap: The Words of the Autocrats

Provided by Lady Diana de Blyth and Lady Nalka um Jafna: “The day went well. We started at 9 am with the social room and classes starting at 10 am. We had a significant number of people show up in the social room beforehand; from the reports I got from the teachers, we had a strong participation in the classrooms throughout the day. So, our assumption of leaving the rooms open so people were able to come and go from the class seemed to work well. From the report that Mistress Sabine (one of the instructors) gave, about the time she finished the first set of instructions with one group, a new group had come in and so she was teaching all day. Almost all classrooms were left open later than intended to allow people to chat while they finished their projects. While I think that was difficult for our teachers, I think it meant a lot more participation from the people who were at the event. From what I understood, the most significant attendee population was in the chainmail making and pavilion building. A lot of people went to those classes in particular, and they showed off their work on social media during and after the event. We collected a lot of pictures of people who had received class kits from the boxes and were showing off their finished products. We hosted a bardic and a chess competition. Those went over really well. We had an exciting number of people compete - our new chess champion is William du Lac and our new bardic champion is Ysabel de Picard. In regards to the Eternia Fundrasing boxes, all of our original 100 boxes were claimed. We had 25 additional boxes that were given to some of our newcomers in Enid, to the teachers, and to the drivers delivering boxes all over the kingdom. The donations totaled $3,065 and that total was delivered to the Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp in Cleveland, Oklahoma. The day of classes (Pavilion Making, Thread Wrapped Buttons, Chainmail Making, Illumination, and Naalbinding) went well and then we had virtual court. The “feast” was well attended, with roughly 40 participants. Everyone was in good spirits and chatted with each other in one large Zoom meeting. People who didn't participate in the zoom room for the feast posted pictures of their own feast on the event page and then there were people who were doing socially distanced and doing feasts in different areas. After Feast, we had our traditional dishwashing party via zoom that was well attended and went till 9pm. Over all, our boxes were well received and it was a really lovely day, we heard a lot of great feedback.