The Songbook of Caterina Cavalieri

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"Never Wanted to Leave"

a filk of "Jenny of Old Stones"
written April 2019.

Let us take some time away from our fun
To think of those who are gone.
Let us recall the dances in and out of the lysts,
And the joy of those we have missed.

The ones who fought and the ones who taught,
The ones who made our Game so great,
The ones who made it seem this is more than a Dream,
The ones who have had to depart.

They never wanted to leave (x 4)

So now raise a toast to these immortal ghosts
Of the Game we love so well.
It's A.S. 54 and they'll LIV evermore,
So long as their stories we tell.

They never wanted to leave (x 4) [repeat]

Now in their honor let our Game go on,
As we live the Dream they helped to make,
Until that day come when our own songs are sung
By those who have taken our place.

Flaming Weasel

Performed at Wisenfeuer's A Weasel In Spring Filking competition, held 04/17/21.
To the tune of "Daisy Bell" aka "Bicycle Built For Two"

Wiesenfeuer is a shining jewel
We all agree
Shining in Ansteorra's crown
A grand barony

Service done is greatly rewarded
It's not hard to tell
Goofs and gaffes are also recorded
We know right well!

Flaming Weasel
I don't want to earn you
I just want to
Do service for your group
I never mean to blunder
Yet plans still fall asunder
I'll do my best
Not to be a pest
While singing this song for you.

Catching your tail with fire's flame
In the midst of camp
Instead of lighting up the tents
You should light the lamps.

If you sought to be of use
As Flint and Steel do
All the barony'd be proud to win
Something named for you


End... I did my best
Hope I wasn't a pest
While singing this song for you