The Reign at Castellan

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The Reign at Castellan
by Señor Lorenzo Martin
Mundanely: Jim Couch (June '08)

A hush came over every man.
As the Crown came forth to make a stand.
The people bowed their heads in deep respect.

As Queen Vanessa sauntered by,
the rain dropped slowly from dark skies,
and peace came ever more and more suspect.

Her Majesty, with tearful eyes,
spoke greatly of the Duke, who died,
Deeds recounted by the words of many.

The heavens heard these loving tales.
Its heart with glee began to swell.
Falling down, the rain came hard and plenty.

The Duchess who stood with us that day,
Passed the purple strands away.
In honor and remembrance that even great Kings fall.

And as the skies they opened wider,
our claims of glory shouted higher.
Lightning set forth a final battle call.

The rain began to fade away.
And clouds, they parted, making way.
The Duke in spirit to come and speak to every man.

And truly did He hear our cries.
He sent to us his own reply:
The sun then shone down on all at Castellan.

Note: This tribute to Duke Jean Richard is based on events that took place at Castellan 2008 in the Barony of Northkeep.

The morning began nice and with much sunshine. As court opened and Her Royal Majesty Vanessa began to speak of Duke Jean’s death, the rain came harder and harder. Court was eventually moved inside and Her Royal Majesty passed out purple ribbons because purple was a color that signified Duke Jean. The ribbons were hung all around camp to remind all of this great man, Duke Jean, and in honor of him. –Sæmundr inn skærr