The Petition for Principality Status

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On the Weekend of April 30 - May 1 1977 the Kingdom Artes Faire was held at Camp Burnett in the Barony of the Steppes.

At this event a Petition for Advancement to Principality Status was signed by the Regional Officers as well as Our Newest Knight - Sir Randall von Nordlichwald, and our newest laurel - Master Aren Rivenhorn.

This Petition had been created by Master Aren and by Master Erasimierz Waspanieski. The Scroll won 1st Place in the Fine Arts Category.

On September 17 - 18 1977 at the Aten Warlord Tourney, once again at Camp Burnett in the Steppes the Crown of Atenveldt, Ton and Elizabeth announced that the Region of Ansteorra was now the Principality of Ansteorra.


May it Please 
Their Royal Majesties of
Atenveldt and Their Serene Highnesses
of the Body Corporate.  By this docu-
ment do we lay befor You a matter
which is great in the hearts of our people,
and beg that it shall not fall upon deaf ears. 
Having fulfilled those things required
by the Corpora and Aten Law, we
the people of the Region of Ansteorra do
make formal and public petition to be
granted the status of Principality.  It is
with joy and confidence that we stand upon
the firm ground of our record of service
and fidelity, both to this Kingdom of
Atenveldt, and to those ideals which are
our common banner.  The Region of
Ansteorra has done much towards the
establishing of culture and well-founded
tradition for the people within the borders
of her demesne, while adhering to those
esteemed institutions which were the cradle
gift of Atenveldt, her well-beloved Lord.

Therefore, trusting to the bounty of
those whose station it is to guide
our path, we remain the loyal subjects
of the Crown of Atenveldt, and proud citi-
zens of the Region of Ansteorra, this
New-Years day, Anno Societatis XII

Koris Natterhelm K.S.C.A O.C.B.   Seneschal Ansteorra
Lady Ivivis of Cornwall for Earl Marshall Ansteorra
Ian of Sky  Sciences Ansteorra
Lady Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm  Chronicler for Ansteorra
Randall von Nordlichwald   K.S.C.A.  For the belted fighters
Lady Aureliane Rigel    O.T.S  Pursuivant Ansteorra
Lady Tambryln Shanti   for Mistress of Arts Ansteorra
Sulezka von Pferdenthal   Historian Ansteorra
Allemandus Draconis   Baron Steppes
Aren Rivenhorn   OL  OCB  for the Laurelate
Erasimierz Waspanieski,


The image above as produced by scanning the original scroll in 2 parts and joining the parts. The image has been cropped and reduced in size to fit the maximum size this wiki will display.

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