Tales of Vindheim Coronet Tourney II

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Facon du Pray

What was one of my favorite moments from Vindheim Coronet tourney? When an ice cream truck rolled up and a small stampede of full grown adults in medieval garb that spanned centuries and cultures gleefully descended upon it(for those wondering, dang right I was one of them). Not sure what that's says about me but it made my little heart flutter with joy.

Elena Wyth, Star Principal Herald

Greetings Vindheim from Elena Star!
Last weekend the Barony of Namron hosted a beautiful event while some of the best fighters in Vindheim stood toe to toe to see who would be next to sit the Serene Thrones.
Unfortunately, the dastardly plague we have been combatting for the last two years decided to play havoc with our populace, and among those kept away to fight this dastardly foe at home was the Herald in Charge, Áshildr Inn Hárfagri. Despite this obstacle, the crew she assembled were well up to the task to manage the heraldic needs of this event!
First, Chu Hu Zhen and her sister Sofia were wonderful at managing the procession in morning court.
Lord [[ Sævarr Máni|Sævarr]] and Lady Guinevere did the heavy lifting for the list (and some site heraldry after!), with assistance from Curtis and Jael (Natalia) who are learning the ropes! (Jael was also super inspiring in the Prince's Champion tourney)
Finally, a special shout-out to Principality Herald Annais for herding all the cats and handling court like a champ!
The Principality is well served by these gentles, and I look forward to seeing their future works!
In Service,
Meistres Elena Wyth
Star Principal Herald