Order of the Misty Star

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The Order of the Misty Star of the Stargate is a closed Baronial Service Order of Stargate. It was closed (perhaps) in July 1982; briefly reopened in 2002 and then immediately closed again.

These are the members of the Order of the Misty Star of the Stargate.

Myrddin ap Rhys 1974-03-25
Arlene the Soother 1974-05-13
Tarl Mapt 1974-05-13
Bran de Tintreak 1977-11-13
Conn Graumach 1977-11-13
Janet Virago Parva of House Morningstar 1977-11-13
John the Plain of Shearn 1977-11-13
Lysbeth Poulsdottir 1977-11-13
Marta Brun Hild 1977-11-13
Robert Hellmanstahl 1977-11-13
Ross of Prenez Gard 1977-11-13
Tambryln Shanti 1977-11-13
Zerax the Repetitive 1977-11-13 Meridies
Balthazar of Endor 1978-05-07
Ian Astoroth of Skye 1978-05-07
Ivivis of Cornwall 1978-05-07
Melusine Whitcroft the Petite 1978-05-07
Ivan Reddragon 1979-03-10
Sieglinde Syr 1979-03-10
Sigmund the Wingfooted 1979-03-10
Ursula von dem Meer 1979-03-10
David Gallowglass 1979-09-01
Philippa Rookhaven 1980-03-01
William of Weir 1980-03-01
Talwyn Devana 1980-08-16
Sabia Gunnhild Hunang 1981-04-25
Ellisena de Bayonne 1981-12-14
Dinaris the Wanderer 1982-06-05
Gladwen of Aylesford 1982-07-03
Sean de Carew 1982-07-03
Telbyrne Morningstar 1982-07-03
William Fitzwalter of Wallingford 1982-07-03
Shanahan the Fey 2002-12-14

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