Order of the Astral Clarion

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The Order of the Astral Clarion of the Stargate is a closed Baronial Service Order of Stargate. It was closed August 27, 1983.

These are the members of the Order of the Astral Clarion of the Stargate.

Gladwen of Aylesford 1982-07-04
Siobhan nic an Baihrd 1982-07-04
William Fitzwalter of Wallingford 1982-07-04
Jehana Wyverna 1982-09-04
Sabia Gunnhild Hunang 1983-03-19
Sieglinde Syr 1983-03-19
Sigmund the Wingfooted 1983-03-19
Ellisena de Bayonne 1983-08-27
Philippa Rookhaven 1983-08-27
William of Weir 1983-08-27

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