Northkeep Castellan 2002

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General Information for Castellan XII

Date Held:
Event Steward(s): Ainar Magnusson & Faolan MacFarland
Feast Steward(s): Lynn the Inquisitive
Tavern: The Raptor


  • Children's Quest
  • Youth Prowess Competion
  • Youth Thrown (foam) Weapons
  • Youth Archery
  • Youth A&S
  • Youth Bardic
  • Castellan Competition
  • Chivalric Combat
  • Archery
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Bardic


Awards Presented:

Reviews and Thanks:


Feast Menu

1st Course: Fresh veggies of the season
2nd Course: Cheeses, Breads, Smoked Salmon Pâté
3rd Course: Chicken Marsala (chicken with mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce), Späztle (tiny dumplings), Cooked vegetable of the season
4th Course: Carmel-topped apple tart


Site opens 4:00 Friday
8:30 Armor inspection starts
9:30 Heavy tournament starts.
10:00 Bardic competition starts
10:30 A&S opens in Main Hall
11:00 Light Weapons Starts
1:00 Archery starts
2:00 Thrown weapons starts
4:00 Tally of Bardic tokens to determine finalists
5:30 Bardic Finals
Torchlight Rapier Tournament hosted by the Raptor after court
Hafla after court
Site closes at 12:00. Only clean up crew allowed on site after 12.