Middle Eastern Dance Guild

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August 2004: An Email-list for Middle Eastern studies and interests is set up by Master Pug.

January 2005: Clara von Ulm announces a Middle Eastern Dance Guild meeting at the upcoming Coronation, with the stated purpose of voting for a Guild Head and ratification of the charter and by-laws. Mistress Clara is voted in as Guild Head.

June 2005: A Middle Eastern Dance track is created for the Ansteorran Kingdom Dance Symposium in Westgate (Houston, Texas) by Clara. Instructors include Antoinette (Beginning Middle Eastern Dance), Cormac (Middle Eastern Percussion I & II), Rhiannon (Egyptian Dance, and Zills), Clara (Tunisian Dance). Each class is well attended with between 8-10 students in each.

October 2005: Bryn Gwylad Fall Baronial hosts a Hafla, inviting all to come and join in the revelry. The Barony of Namron hosts a Hafla at Protectorate, with a Midnight Feast for all who participate.

November 2005: The Third Annual Middle Eastern Dance Championship of Ansteorra is originally scheduled to be held at Elfsea Defender in July, but has to be moved to Bordermarch Autumn Melees. Two categories of entries were allowed: Solo Title Performace and Non-Competition Performance, each with judging and commentary. All performances held to 5 minutes, with live music provided (no pre-recorded music for the competition). The competition is organized by Toryn Seven Stitches. She commissioned an exquisite pass-down brass sword for the champion, with the Black Star and 'Ansteorra' etched upon the blade. The winner was Tareija Catalina Taviera Martine, of Raven's Fort, who performed on command for their Majesties and Prince Mahadi.

January 2006: At the Coronation of Mahadi & Valeria, an AMED Guild meeting is held, to elect a new guild head.

November 2006: The 4th Annual Middle Eastern Dance Championship is again held at Bordermarch Autumn Melees. A non-competition Hafla is held after the championship. Rhiannon NiBryan MacLaughton of Loch Soilleir is named champion after performing a Gupta-style Indian dance. The runner up is Kajira Camber, who performed a sword dance. Special mention is made of Rosalinda of Bordermarch, who SANG while dancing.

November 2007: Their Exellencies Michel mac Donnchaid and Elayne MacDuncan of the Eldern Hills host the Ansteorran Middle Eastern community to host the Kingdom ME Dance Championship at Samhain and Baronial Investiture.