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House Mountain Gate

Since July, 1976, founded in what was then the Kingdom of Atenveldt from Colarado to Florida when Ansteorra was a “Region,” until present times, Household Mountain-Gate has been a family-friendly service household at Shire, Barony, Region, Principality, transitioning-to-Kingdom, and at Kingdom levels; training volunteers, autocrats [Edit: stewards], serving as officers at each level; contributing event chronicles and research items to newsletters, presenting feasts, hosting local, principality, and kingdom gatherings for fighting, A&S, and courtly graces; training rapier and chivalric warriors and armorers; creating structural venues for fighting; nurturing each one to in turn teach others, to further the society. Traditionally provided carpools and caravans for road trips, camped near each other with a commons for meals, always open to guests. Includes existing members, newer members, growth. Historically allied with Households Eidlewise and Morningstar into that which has been fondly called “Great House.” The PILA (Pillar) suffix is a Principality award given to clans and households.


Upon driving home from their first-ever fighting event attended in the Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, TN), having no local SCA groups in or near Beaumont, TX, Simonn and Tessa decided to start a group locally, which initially was House Mountain-Gate which very soon developed into the Shire Bordermarch. Other households were encouraged to also form.

Founding Members

Simonn of Amber Isle, Tessa of the Gardens, young son Aarion Kyrkwood Mountain-Gate, Brendan of Hy Brasil, Vyvian of Sherwood, Morganna of the Upland Moore, Bran of Halbrook, Robin of the Elm, Therese’ de Ivoire, Mangar the Grim Executioner, and soon born younger son Zain Mountain-Gate ap Simonn.

Current Leadership

Simonn of Amber Isle & Tessa of the Gardens, Zain Mountaingate ap Simonn, Aron Ulf, Biau-douz de la Mare


(Not Registered): Argent, a mountain proper with portcullis sable; in base bary wavy of three azure and argent

House Traditions

"Share what you have. Serve where you can. Teach what you learn. Create opportunities for others."


House Mountain-Gate has hosted multiple events, including but not limited to: Shire dinner revels and tournaments, Regional events, Principality events, Baronial courts, classes, guilds, and tournaments. Since 1977, Household Mountain-Gate members are foundational of the Barony’s Bordermarch Annual -Spring- Melees and BORDERMARCH AUTUMN MELEES, annual events known as BAMs. [Edit: Now stewarded by members of Bordermarch with populace of other Houses in the barony, in 2011 BAM transitioned into “War of the Rams” involving the Kingdom of Gleann Ahbann sending royals and contingents to do battle against Ansteorrans. “War of the Rams” WoR has become one of Ansteorra’s largest events.]


House Mountain-Gate is historically associated with House Eidlewise and House Morningstar.