Gulf Wars 30

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Redulf von Kol

Now that the dust and sounds of war have settled for a time, I have taken moments to ponder the gravity of the events I have witnessed on the battlefields recently. The call to defend our lands went out, and Vindheim answered.

Time after time our forces stood against the onslaught of our opponents. Not only were we a wall of opposition, but a hammer of destruction against those who sought to take the field.

I had the honor of witnessing heroic acts of valor put forth by my comrades. Over and over our fair companies gained ground, and held key points of house and land. Never have I been so proud as to fight along side our fine warriors these past days.

Although it is true certain members of our rank achieved great recognition from our crown, and yes even directly from our opponents, I can tell you all of our warriors performed more admirably than I could have hoped to see.

Whether it be those that I asked to stand and keep certain defenses safe, or those I sent into dark conflict with dire Hope of outcome, the strong warriors of Vindheim shined brighter on these dark days than eyes could hope to see.

I am humbled, and proud to say my friends accomplished so much. I wish to thank each and every one of our brave warriors, and those who stood behind them.

You are Vindheim. You are strong.

In humble service to their Highnesses, and their Majesties,
I am HL Redulf von Kol
Servant, and Commander of Vindheim Rapier forces.