Generic Event Bid for use in Planning

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Event Bid Template

Addressing the following points will cover most everything you need:

  • Group Name
  • Name of the Event
  • Date of the Event
  • Bid Team Participants:
    • Name, telephone number, email address, snail mail address

Prospective Site:

  • Site Amenities
    • ADA compliant/primitive/full features including AC?
    • Indoor/outdoor fighting space, class space, kitchen (ie feast/tavern?)
  • Site Requirements
    • wet/dry, pets?
    • Noise/fire/water constraints?
  • Map of Site
    • Location/size of: fighting space, classrooms, parking; points of interest (restaurants, hospital)
  • Map to Site
    • How to get there from all relevant directions

Proposed Event Schedule:

  • Time when Site opens and closes
  • Limitations on class/fighting times?
  • In case of Kingdom event: Indicate coordination with proper representative (ie: Round Table coordinates with K.Seneschal)


  • Prominently indicate number of people (adults is easiest) required to pay site for your event to not lose money

Budgeted Expenses:

  • Cost of Site
  • Advertising/printing (maps of the site/area, Kingdom Newsletter Ad, site flier, class-sign-ups)
  • General: site tokens, propane if lighting Court outdoors after dark; Waterbearing if any kind of fighting is happening.

Non-WaterBearing Food:

  • Cost of Food being offered
  • Number of people required to buy food to break even
  • Type of food being offered
  • Budget including seasonal work-arounds if necessary

Note about Bid Details:

  • Assume your audience is busy and will only skim for highlights on the first read-through.
  • Read it that way yourself, and try to delete out the parts you skipped over.
  • Headers are your friend: highlight the important things: What city/state you're holding the event in, and where your costs are charted and explained.