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Seneshals of Gate's Edge

Those who have pushed, prodded, cajolled and teased us into being the Group we are today. - Annes

  • Alanna of Downpatrick-1990? to 1991
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg-3/91 to 2/92
  • Dungall Gunarrsson-2/92 to 3/93
  • Alyse of Aylnwick-4/93 to 4/94
  • Anamari Giovanna Pentagleli-5/94-4/95
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead-5/95
  • Patrick of Kilkenny-6/95-2/96
  • Signy Gandalfdottir-3/96-2/98
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg-3/98-3/00
  • Stephan Macthomas (Snorri Hallsson)-4/00-3/01
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead-4/01-3/03
  • Aylwin Holbrook-4/03-3/05
  • Natalia Auvert-4/05 to 5/07
  • Alisone Leslie-5/07 to 5/09
  • Clara Marshall-6/09 to 5/10
  • Elisavetta Maria di Medici-5/10 to 6/10
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead-7/10 to present

Reeves of Gate's Edge

These gentles held the power and responsiblity which could have ended our group with one simple mistake. Vivat their lack thereof!!! - Annes

  • Fenris of Twycross-1990-11/93
  • Jamish Bruce "Jamie" MacTamish-12/93
  • Fenris of Twycross-1/94
  • Elizabeth du Page-2/94-3/96
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg-4/96-4/98
  • Signy Gandalvsdottir-5/98-11/99?
  • Sean McConnul Duncan-12/99-3/01??
  • Cynthia of Gatesedge-4/01-4/03??
  • Brian macCael-/03?-9/05
  • Eric Greyfox-10/05-9/07
  • Sara Ashton of York-10/07-9/09
  • Engenulf de Vienville-10/09 to 10/11
  • Aylle de Wylld-10/11 to present

Heralds of Gate's Edge

These fine gentles with the funny job titles like pursuivent, soltice, arbalist and others like this work tirelessly to blazon devices and register our equally funny sounding names from distant times and lands. Without them, our awards would not be reported, our lists would go unannounced, our nobel's courts would be silent, and our halls would be barren of banners. Vivat to our tireless Heralds! - Annes

  • Premier Officer-Fedelm ni Uidhir ?/90-12/93
  • Jamish Bruce "Jamie" MacTamish 1/94-8/95
  • Nickolaous Demetriu ho Toxotes 9/95-4?/98
  • Steafan mac Thamhais aka Stephan Macthomas 5/98-6?/00
  • Serena (Seren)Gethin 7/00-8?/01
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg 9/01-9/03
  • Mattias Gottlieb 10/03-8/04
  • Snorri Hallsson (formerly Steafan mac Thamhais aka Stephan Macthomas) 9/94
  • Mattias Gottlieb 10/04-5?/05
  • Donnchad de Pixley 6/05-3?/06
  • Engenulf de Vienville 4/06 to 7/08
  • Open-8/08 to 10/08
  • Gregor MacBeathain-10/08 to 10/10
  • Robert of Colsford-10/10 to present

Hospitallers of Gate's Edge

All of us at one time were new to the Society. If we were very lucky, the group had an officer in place who would take us under their wing and show us how to play this game we call the SCA. This is the job of the hospitalier. They take the shy, the brazen, the out-and-out mundane among us and turn us into minor nobility. Another term for hospitalier is "magician". - Annes

  • Premier Officer-Annes Clotilde von Bamburg 2/91-3/91
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg (in capacity of seneschal)4/91-8/91
  • Alys of Alnwic 9/91-3/93
  • Ekaterinah Dimitriu 4/93-4/94
  • Colin Alanson 5/94-1/95
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead 2/95-4?/97
  • Alaric Gledewynne 5/97-12?/98
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg (in capacity of seneschal) 1/99-1?/00
  • Bowen mac Tarbh aka Beoan mac Tarbh 2/00-10?/01
  • Katherine Le Taverier 11/01-9?/03
  • Natalia Auvert 10/03 - 9/04
  • Elizabetta "Maria" de Medici 10/04-10/06
  • Alesone Leslie-10/06 to 5/07
  • Alesone Leslie-in the capacity as seneschal-5/07-6/07
  • Patrick of Kilkenny-6/07 to 2/09
  • Alesone Lesley (in capacity as seneschal) 3/09 to 6/09
  • Clara Marshal (in capacity as seneschal) 7/09 to 5/10
  • Open 5/10 to 12/10
  • Antonio de la Tour-12/10 to 11/11
  • George Abercrombie-11/11 to present

Arts & Sciences Ministers of Gate's Edge

These fine gentles have fanned the flames of creativity in our group for many years now. Gatesedge, especially in the early years, was viewed as an "Arts" group rather than a fighting group. Today, we are more rounded with word fame being given to all areas: Warfare, Service and Arts. Vivat the Fanners of the Flame! - Annes

  • None Prior to 1991
  • Premier Officer-Elizabeth of Dupage-6/91-3/92
  • Open for 4 months
  • Signy Gandalvsdottir-8/92-9/95
  • Rhael Caedmon y Cymric-10/95-4/97?
  • Ekaterina Dimitriu-5/97-4/98?
  • Simone Valery la Rousse-5/98-2/00?
  • Possibly open starting on 2/00
  • Kvinne of Gatesedge-11/00-12/01
  • Open 1/02-6/02
  • Alisstassia del Balzo-7/02-9/04
  • Cecilie die Artzen-10/04-10/06
  • Sabine DuBois-10/06 to 9/08
  • Open 10/08 to 1/09
  • Cynthia of Gatesedge-2/09 to 1/10
  • Gisela de Bier-1/10 to present

Chroniclers of Gate's Edge

The people who have documented our history and helped to preserve it. Remember well their famous cry - SUBMIT!!! - Annes

  • Fedelm ni Uidhir-1990-1991
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead-3/91?-12/92
  • Sequin de Chauliac-1/93-11/93
  • Lorain Elizabeth Dante-12/93-7/94
  • Patrick of Kilkenny-8/94-6/95
  • "Jaime" Bruce MacTamish-7/95-8/95
  • Nickolaous Demetriu ho Toxotes-9/95-12/96?
  • Ihon Vincent MacFergus-12/96-12/97?
  • Aine Aislinn Stirling-1/98?-4/98?
  • Ekatrerina Dimitriu-5/98-1/99
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead-2/99-8/99?
  • Linnet of Lindisfame-9/99-10/01??
  • Damask De Bier-11/01-9/03??
  • Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead-10/03-9/05??
  • Racheal no Ansteorra-10/05 to 9/07
  • Clara Marshall-10/07 to 9/09
  • Chronicler position open 9/09 to 11/09
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg 11/09 to 12/11
  • Ceara Mhic an Ghabann-1/12 to present

Historians of Gate's Edge

Those who have kept our story and deeds for the children who come after us. - Annes

  • No named Historian from 90 to 92
  • Padrick of Kilkenny-2/92-12/92
  • Historian's position unfilled for 2 years-history kept by the seneschals and chroniclers
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg-7/94-5/98
  • Historian's position unfilled for 2 years-History kept by the seneschals and chroniclers
  • Adelicia Brabant-early '00-until she passed from us in '01
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg-'01 to 8/08
  • Clara Marshall-8/08 to 11/09 (from 6/09 to 11/09 as senechal)
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg (as chronicler) 11/09 to 1/10
  • Nan Turnbull-1/10 to present

Virtual Scribes of Gate's Edge

It was many years before the technology of the modern world crept into our dream. Thank Goodness that it did! We now have a wonderful way to share our arts, history, stories and research. - Annes

  • Premier Officer-Eadric Anstapa 7/00 to 1/11
  • Office vacant 1/11 to present

Chatelaines / Chamberlains of Gate's Edge

It took us quite a while as a group to accumulate enough "stuff" that it was necessary to put officers in place to keep track of it. Vivat for the "Keepers of the Stuff!!"

  • Premier Officer-Aoife ni Fionbharr aka Evalune Lambert 9/95-11/96
  • Open 12/96-11/98
  • Thomasina Hilderbrand 12/98-1?/00
  • Open 2/00-3/01
  • Gwynafwy Sinclaire 4/01-6/02
  • Lisabetta Micola de Monte 7/02-9?/03
  • Walik the Wanderer 10/03-1/05
  • Cynthia of Gatesedge 2/05 to 1/11
  • Annes Clotilde von Bamburg-1/11 to present

Constables of Gate's Edge

  • Premier Officer-Patrick of Kilkenny 6/91-2/92
  • Open 3/92-5/93
  • Mayne de la Croix-6/93-6/94
  • Blaan Wilhelm von Bamburg 7/94-6/95
  • Ettienne Jean Paul DuBois 7/95-12/95
  • Office closed 1/96

Knight Marshals of Gate's Edge

Ours is a combative society. In the beginning, there was only chivalric fighting. These gentles give their time and expertise to make sure that although we may play rough---we do play safe. Vivat! - Annes

  • Blaan Wilhelm von Bamburg 2/91-12/92
  • Mayne de la Croix 1/93-6/94
  • Blaan Wilhelm von Bamburg 7/94-1/96
  • Ettienne Jean Paul DuBois 2/96-9?/96
  • Alrek of Bergen 10/96-11/96
  • Mu of Samerkand 12/96-12/98
  • Open 1/98-1/00
  • Thorvaaldr Nordvik 2/00-6?/00
  • Open 7/00-9?/00
  • Beoan mac Tarbh 10/00-9?/03
  • Dolfin of Cork 10/03-1/05
  • Tora no Ansteorra 2/05 to 6/07
  • Open 7/07 to 8/07
  • Fredrick la Costas-9/07 to 10/08
  • Open 11/08 to 1/09
  • George la Breton- 2/09 to 6/11
  • Thorgard inn Svarti-6/11 to present

Rapier Marshals of Gate's Edge

Rapier evolved a little later in this kingdom than the chivalric arts. Ours was the first kingdom in the Knowne World to institute the rapier art. Our Shire (then canton) was quick to take up this combat art. The following persons fanned the flame to protect our Queens and to bring the grace of rapier to our community. - Annes

  • Premier Rapier Marshal-Signy Gandolvsdottier
  • 1/96-3/96
  • Open 4/96-4?/97
  • Silvius 5/97-5/98
  • Open 6/98-12/98
  • Simone Valery la Rousse 1/99-6?/00
  • Ciaran O'Niell 7/00-11?/01
  • Carluccio di Baia 12/01-1/04
  • Open 2/04-10/05
  • Clair la Combe- (acting) 11/05-8/06
  • Open 8/06 to 2/07
  • Christoforo Antonio Passavanti 2/07 to 1/09
  • Open 2/09 to present

Archery Marshals of Gate's Edge

Archery has always been a very big part of our group's activities. This is due in no small part to the enthusiasm and dedication of a single person. That person is listed below. He has held his post longer than any other person in our Shire and has inspired dozens of people to take up the bow in defense of our lands and our kingdom. - Annes

  • Talmon Wilbanks of Twyce Holey Wood - 4/92-8/94
  • Patrick of KilKenny - 8/04-6/95
  • Talmon Wilbanks of Twyce Holey Wood - 6/95-to 1/11
  • Open 1/11 to present

Ministers of Children of Gate's Edge

This office did not exist, even in Kingdom, when Gatesedge was formed in late 1989-early 1990. But as we grew as a kingdom, more and more of us who started out single became couples. Then the couples did what couples do and so along came the children. The Heirs to Ansteorra were growing in number and needed to be taught our ways. The dedicated people who hold the office of Minister of Children hold our future in their hands. Vivat! - Annes

  • Open 1990-1991
  • Premier Officer-Jennet of Wichavn-9/91-10/92
  • Open 11/92-4/93
  • Simone aka Simone Valary la Rousse-5/93-4/95
  • Open 5/95-11/98
  • Scarlette di Modena aka Maria di Modena aka Maria da Firenze aka Elizabetta "Maria" di Medici - 12/98- 6?/00
  • Caolin of Gatesedge aka Caelainn O Comhraidhe - 7/00-11?/01
  • Open 12/01 to the present

We are constantly seeking those salwart souls who wish to serve our youth and children. If you think you are that person, please contact our present seneschal.