Event Review - Queens Champion 2004 - by Zubeydah

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This page contains an event review by Zubeydah. This represents solely her opinion and views/thoughts at the time of writing, and do NOT reflect upon her Barony, her Region, her mentors and friends, or anyone else.

Queen's Champion was a tumultuous and upsetting event for me, so I've not much to say about it. I try to keep these recountings positive. Instead of an event review, here is my wordfame post to the Northkeep list.

I would like to share word fame of some very hardworking folks who assisted in the success of Queen's Champion this weekend. (Don't lose your water points cards! And if you didn't get yours in the hustle and bustle, please let me know!! I'll be posting info on the water-points system later this week to my web site.)

Kya Wilkie of House Halfiras and Krystal Blackwolf -- These young ladies served, served well, and served long. They arrived first thing in the morning, and eagerly helped the entire day. They were cheerful, helpful, never underfoot, always willing to walk around with yet another tray of food, another round of bottles. They followed directions perfectly, quickly, and obediently. They were very conscientious about their sanitization, and gleefully stirred the bucket of bleach each time we swapped out bottle tops. They remembered to show courtesy where appropriate, and .. just... worked their little tails off. These two young ladies truly are bright stars upon the horizon of Ansteorra. To them: My thanks and my respect. I am *proud* of you both.

To my second in command, my Rock of Gibraltar, the ever amazing Rayhanna of House Halfiras . You helped me get through a challenging day, and never wavered in your dedication to those on the field. I couldn't have done it without you, sister. Thank you.

To the gracious, calm, hardworking Yelena of House Halfiras - you helped keep the non-working children out from underfoot, were always right there willing to help... thank you.... (and please send me the recipe for that amazing pineapple zucchini bread!!) Thanks also to Sebastiana and Mehpari, both of House Halfiras, who elevated the serving of mere fruits and vegetables to a graceful dance, and swept everyone away with their elan and courtesy and charm... (despite the challenges of time-release garb)

Thank you to my 'water horses', including Ollj of Mooneschadowe, who cheerfully and repeatedly filled 5 gallon bucket after bucket full of water from the kitchen. (It was a long trek, and those things were HEAVY.) Ollj also helped in several other ways - my thanks to this ever-helpful gentleman. Thank you to Renault, for general assistance, as well as being (literally) supportive, helping me cover the modernity of our pop-up pavilion.

Thank you to those who helped set up, tear down, move, set up again, tear down... many of whom were newcomers to the Society from Talequah, this being their first event.

Thank you for the gentle and supportive presence of Marcus Quietly and Lynn the Inquisitive. Cormac, Angus, and many others: You know who you are. You know what you did. Thank you. I appreciate your strength when I needed it most.

To those who paused in their day to express their thanks to those who were attending not to watch, but to serve, my thanks. Most especially to the epitome of grace and courtesy, Her Excellency, Mistress Tessa of the Gardens. Milady, my humble and profusely heartfelt thanks. Your kind words of praise and gift of largess to my two youth waterbearers was deeply appreciated. I wish you could have seen their faces glowing with pride and delight after your gift and stories of "Mongolian Ice Pearls". Courtesy and kindness to my youth waterbearers is never forgotten.

To any others who served and assisted whom I have forgotten to name specifically, my humble thanks and apologies. It was a frazzling day, and my notes to myself were not always very complete. Know that I appreciate you.

Ever in service to those who cherish and nurture the dream,

-zubeydah jamilla al-badawiyya
Northern Regional WBIC

Post script: I tendered my resignation as Northkeep's Waterbearer in Charge yesterday, effective at the end of waterbearing services for the event. I hope that my successor finds as much support, and enjoyment of the position, that I have.

9/15/04: As is often my wont to do, I browse through my own website in the morning while I'm trying to wake up enough to shower without drowning myself, or waiting for my hair to dry after said shower. In doing so, I realized there were some other good things to say about Queen's Champion.

  • I liked that Sibri had a moment of silence at the beginning of morning court for the fallen of 9/11, and those lost here in Ansteorra. That was a nice touch.
  • It was really wonderful doing my first two original works for the pleasure of Her Royal Majesty, Sibri: One was a menu for TRM's breakfast, which was cooked by my friend Elizabeth de Calais, and the other was an award. Earlier in the week of the event, I finished the artwork on both pieces, but had not done the calligraphy. I was still in debate what to use the more fancy of the two for. It was middle eastern/jewish in style, with the colors of gold, blue, and purple - and utilized stylized fleur-de-lis and roundels - which are all the elements and colors of Drake and Sibri's personal arms. I got the idea to check and see if there was a Queen's Hope scroll ready - there was not. After a few days of wrangling and writing back and forth, text was provided, and the scroll was calligraphed the night before the event. I was really nervous as to how it would be received. It was obviously a 'first work' and no where near the level of skill of the folks in the Abby or anything... but I hoped it would be good enough to please their majesties.