Event Review - Northkeep Castellan 2007 - by Zubeydah

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This page contains an event review by Zubeydah. This represents solely her opinion and views/thoughts at the time of writing, and do NOT reflect upon her Barony, her Region, her mentors and friends, or anyone else.

Castellan 2007 was another event filled with high points and low points, such that I don't think it would be a good idea to write my normal sort of review. Here are a few points, though, that I would like to share.

  • Thank you to my husband, Abe Vivitar von Gebric, for putting up with me and my hair brained ideas, for kitchen disasters, for toting, carrying, loving, and supporting. Thank you for your strength and your love.
  • Thank you to House Halfiras for their love and support and eight months (yes, eight MONTHS) of hard work and prep for this event. Thanks for all the foof and food prep help the day of the event. Thank you, Halfiras, for supporting and loving and putting up with me through this HBI. Raghnailt, I'm so sorry you weren't able to make it. You were missed dearly.
    • Thank you to Mehpare for elements of grace and beauty.
    • Thank you to Renault and Raghnailt, for Tulsa Workdays, for beading all those anklets.
    • Thank you to Rayhanna, for more linen hankies than any one seamstress should have to face.
    • Thank you to Yelena for picking up the pieces and getting things done. * Thank you to Syr Owen ap Aeddan for the loan of his tent, and for 'rescuing the fair maiden.' I'm so sorry you weren't able to make it.
  • Thank you to Syr Owen's squires, and their friends and family, for putting up and taking down the tent, for toting, for unloading, for fetching, and altogether being very helpful and supportive.

  • Thank you to Mooneschadowe and Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf, for allowing me the honor of standing guard at the vigil, and getting to feel like Mooneschadin.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the picture of grace and elegance, HE Mistress Tessa of the Gardens, for the effort she put forth into contacting me and supplying materials for the Young Ladies Salon.
  • Thank you to Duchess Cateau for her gracious phone call on Thursday night. I appreciate it.
  • Thank you to Nicolea and Danielle, for painting Castellan scrolls at Steppes, and to Nicolea for creating the beautiful artwork for them.
  • Thank you to all the young ladies who attended the salon. I had a lovely time, and I hope that you did, too.
  • A special and specific thank you to Krystal Blackwolf. You truly have the heart of a lion. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that you put into helping me on Saturday. You are quite an amazing young lady, and you are reminding me more and more of one of my SCA heroes, Adena, for your spirit and willingness to do whatever is needed.
  • Thank you to Viggen for 'pack-foo' and helping me load my vehicle.

Other moments worth recounting:

  • Feast was delicious, what I had of it. Kudos to a first time feast steward for a job well done. I ate far too many of the spiced apricots, but discovered they are delightful when added to a wide variety of the dishes served, especially the coconut soup. The bread was heaven on earth.
  • Thank you to His Royal Majesty, Romanius, for allowing our young ladies to display their curtseys.

Moments that weren't as happy:

  • I was disappointed at the behavior of a child that 'crashed' the Salon, simply to get one of the nifty gift baskets created for the attendees, who then repeatedly complained that the basket she received didn't have all the same things that the attendees had in theirs. It was ironic that this occurred at a Salon intended to teach manners and good, lady-like behavior.

  • I was saddened to have yet another reminder of why I don't tend to stay after dark at SCA events. People can get in their cups and act quite inappropriately, and I and my husband were, unfortunately, the target of such behavior. I appreciate Abe's restraint in dealing with this individual.

Part of our preparation for the young ladies salon included 25 identical gift baskets for the girls, and 12 gift bags for Ladies of the Rose who were invited to attend. I'd like to extend specific thanks for:
Young Ladies Baskets:
- Mehpare & Rayhanna for the pewter castles
- Rayhanna & Yelena & Ragnailt, for working on the linen hankies
- Ollj of Mooneschadowe for the double-faced pewter coin

Roses Gift Bags:
- Rayhanna for crocheting the luxury face cloths
- Ollj of Mooneschadowe for the double-faced pewter coin
- Mehpare & Rayhanna for the soaps, incense and candles
- Yelena & Rayhanna for making the bags
- Mehpare for providing the rosewater fountain
- Mehpare for providing the henna
- Raghnailt for creating half the beaded, belled anklets

Addendum: I would like to share word-fame of one of Northkeep's valiant and hard working youth: Krystal Blackwolf. From the time I arrived on site (8:00 am) to the time feast was over (9:00 ish?) I personally observed this young lady working hard. She came by when she saw me unloading my things, and asked how she could help. For the next 4 solid hours, she assisted with stirring pots, scrubbing dishes, fetching water, fetching things from this tote or that, and generally being an incredible little assistant. After attending the Young Ladies Salon, she assisted with clean up of the food prep area, and the tent itself. For the next several hours, I saw her running here and there, being a page, a message-deliverer, herding children, and generally keeping busy. At feast, she was one of the most attentive servers I have ever had, even managing to wrangle more of those succulent pickled apricots for our table. Krystal is truly deserving of praise and recognition for her efforts, and her hard work made the event better for not only me, but all the children who attended the Salon, and all those who joined me at feast. She is someone who helps to keep The Dream alive for me. So I would like to take this moment to say 'Thank You' to Krystal - and all the other hard working youth who help make our events fun.