Event Review - 1981 Bryn Gwlad Candlemas by Briony

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On February 21, A.S. XV, I attended the Candlemas Revel in Bryn Gwlad. Upon arrival, I was taken by the great number of lovely costumes displayed by the many guests; they added much color and richness to the evening. The Candlemas feast, consisting of a delicious variety of meats, rice with orange onion sauce, breads, and gingerbread with almond milk, was served to the ta¬bles as the Court of Baron Vargskol and Baroness Seanna and Their Majesties Sigmund and Sieglinde progressed. Other notables joining Their Majesties of Ansteorra and Their Excellencies of Bryn Gwlad at the head table included Hrabia Jan and Baroness Alexandra, Jarlinde Kemreth, Sir Michael of Moria, Baroness Aureliane, and Anebairn.

Many species of entertainment were offered during court, including a scene from Shakespeare per¬formed by Lady Elizabeth d'Erisbey and Cassandra Tremayne and belly dancing by the Bryn Gwlad troupe, which kindly invited the Bjornsborg Bare (Bear?) Essentials belly dancers to join them in a dance. Later, Signy Stormhelm won the Sword Dancing competition with her stunning saber dance.

Also during court, an Award of Arms was granted to Katrina Marie de Maison Laisard, and Lady Aislinn of Lion's Lair received a Sable Thistle in Haberdashery and the Order of the Halberd. The most amusing event of the evening was the follow up of His Majesty's decree at our Baron¬ess' Champion Tourney, concerning the bestowal of the Baroness Bjornsborg's diaper. The heavy weapons match between Sir Dragomyr Donskoi and Sir William of Weir was not held due to the con¬spicuous absence of Sir Dragomyr. Nonetheless, Sir William was awarded the great privilege of being diapered before the court. Sir William submitted gracefully to the “pinistrations” of Mistress Alexandra and Lady Elizabeth (especially after an unidentified lady from the audience held him down). Unfortunately, he lost his diaper as soon as he stood up.

Close of Court was followed by a short time of revelry, then all left for home. Thanks to the folk of Bryn Gwlad for their hospitality.
Briony Blåaslagen Barony of Bjornsborg Historian