Daire de Haya

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Registered Name: Daire de Haya
Resides: Elfsea
Status: Active
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Daire de Haya

Argent mullety azure, a dragon statant erect affronty wings displayed gules charged on its breast with a mullet Or.

His Excellency, Baron Sir Daire de Haya, KSCA, CSS

Previously Known As:

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Knight's Marshal, Barony of Elfsea
    • Baron of Elfsea, 9/22/2007 to 12/11/2010
  • Regional Offices Held
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Youth Marshal

Persona History:

Daire de Haya is the second son of a wealthy French nobleman. His family was granted lands in the low lands of Scotland by King Edward I of England, but as Daire was the second son, he instead went into the military and left on campaign. During his travels, he came upon the lands of Ansteorra. It was here that he truly felt at home. He joined The Company of the Hunt, and became squire to Earl Alaric Drake, KSCA. He quickly became proficient in the martial combat of Ansteorra, as well as developing a love of the arts and of serving the people of his adopted lands of Elfsea. He was much loved by the people, and so rose to become Baron of Elfsea for three years. He has since stepped down from the Elfsea throne, and continues in his martial, artistic, and service endeavors.


  • Chivalric Combat
  • Shoemaking
  • Leatherworking
  • Brewing

Timeline of Activity:

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Mundane Information:

When I was younger, I used to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival with my family. It was there that I first discovered the SCA at a demo. I didn't get fully active with the SCA on a regular basis until I was 27 years old.

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