Czina Angielczyka

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Registered Name: Czina Angielczyka
Resides: Bjornsborg
Status: Active
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence

Purpure, five half-moon knives in annulo handles to center argent.
Achievement Art by Emma de Davyntre

Mistress Czina Angielczyka, OL

Previously Known As:
Pronouns: She/Her

Additional Registered Heraldry:

The following badge associated with this name was registered in January of 2007 (via Caid): Quarterly purpure and gules, in fess a half moon knife and a Wake knot argent.
The following badge associated with this name was registered in May of 2009 (via Ansteorra): (Fieldless) On a square weaver's tablet purpure a half-moon knife argent.


Mantling: Purpure & Argent
Helm: Celtic Montefortino helm in Argent, facing sinister
Dexter Supporter: Wyvern vert
Sinister Supporter: Seraph Or
Motto: Inventas vitam iuvat excoluisse per artest (Let us improve life through science and art)


  • Local Offices Held
  • Regional Offices Held
    • Prior Exchequer, Southern Region
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, 2020-2022

Persona History:


  • Tablet-weaving
  • Iron Age Experimental Archaeology
  • Dirty Arts
  • Research
  • Documentation

Timeline of Activity:

Prior Groups:

2001 - Attended first SCA Event, Ansteorra

2001 - Moved to Barony of Wyvernwoode, Trimaris

2003 - Moved to Barony of the Angels, Caid

2007 - Moved to Barony of Bjornsborg, Ansteorra

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

  • Kingdom Artisan, 2010
  • 25th Steppes Artisan


Mundane Information:

Email: Czina

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: