The Cornerstone of Northkeep

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The Cornerstone of Northkeep is a non-armigerous service award for the Barony of Northkeep. It was created by Thorgrim and Sigen as the founding Baron and Baroness. These were always given in sets of Four. After Thorgrim and Sigen stepped down the award was closed at their request.

The list below is known to be incomplete.

Name Date
Alton Le Peto 05/31/97
Damon Hroarson 05/31/97
Merrick Viltar Har 05/31/97
Siobahn ni Domnahl 05/31/97
Angelique de la Fontaine 10/19/97
Beorhlic Folcwineson 10/19/97
Ismet al Din Bithia 10/19/97
Tarl Godric the Brokentoe 10/19/97
Brigid MacCana 01/31/98
Janet of Northkeep 01/31/98
Rowan Quirke 01/31/98
Elisaveta af Isefjord 02/21/98
Etienne De Saint Amaranth 02/21/98
Michelle Chantal de Charente 02/21/98
Owen ap Aeddan 02/21/98
Ikijima Katsutoshi 01/23/99
Malcolm of Loch Grey Mist 01/23/99
Tamara de Montoya 01/23/99
Wilhelm de Kaalevo 01/23/99
Britta the Red 10/23/99
Catrin ferch Gwillym o Gonway 10/23/99
Ian Dun Gillan 10/23/99
Wilhelm der Wulf von dem Schwarzwald 10/23/99
Anawyn Bardolph 08/05/00
Faolan MacFarland 08/05/00
Therese Maria Giovanni 08/05/00
Timothy le Corbusier 08/05/00