Compass Rose of Ansteorra

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The Compass Rose of Ansteorra is an AoA Level award given in the Kingdom of Ansteorra for service to children.


There shall exist in Ansteorra an award unto which shall be given by the Crown unto persons who have striven to greatly further the future of Ansteorra through their exceptional work with the children of Ansteorra or the Ministry of Children.

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to be styled and announced in procession as “Holder of the Compass Rose of Ansteorra.”

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear a medallion or pin depicting the badge of the Award.


The badge of the Award shall be Per chevron Or and gules, a compass rose sable.


Holders of the Award shall take precedence after the companions of the various baronial orders and before a simple Award of Arms. The Awards of the Sable Comet of Ansteorra and the Compass Rose of Ansteorra are held to be of equal precedence.


The Compase Rose of Ansteorra was created by the 19th Crown, Mikael of Monmouthshire and Rebekka die Blonde, XXXIII (1988).

Award Recipients

Non-Armigerous - AoA Level - Grant Level - Peerage Level