Brian MacGreggor

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Newly made Centurion: Warlord 2019
Registered Name: []
Resides: Seawinds
Status: Active
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Order of Precedence
Brian MacGregor

Sable, three trident heads argent. On a fess argent a stag couchant between two goblets sable.
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Centurion Brian MacGreggor

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Persona History:

Brian MacGreggor was born anno domine 1303 in the land of the western highlands known as Argyll, and like all those born into the knightly class was fostered into a knightly household at the tender age of 7.

Sent north as a page to the coast of Inverness he joined the house of the local Knight of Innesmark (who’s name we’ve lost to history) where he learned not only martial skills, but history, philosophy, and the agricultural arts. For a man who does not assist in the care of his own lands is no man at all. He would serve as a squire in the Bruce’s Irish campaigns from 1315-1318.

MacGreggor came of age after the death of the Bruce, and joined his Foster father on crusade in Spain along with the Heart of the Bruce, even keeping his oaths in death.

Surviving the tragedy at Teba (1330), earning a knighthood for his valor. He and the surviving Scots return home with the heart of the Bruce among the grumbling in England of disinherited Scottish nobles looking north once more.

After the Disinherited along with their English puppets capture Berwick. MacGreggor, like many other Bruce loyalist rally at Annan (1332) driving the Baliols from Scotland; and again at Culblean (1335); driving the rest of the disinherited from the highlands. Yet soldiering cost money, and with France entering the conflict, raiding Flanders and The English coast becomes his primary occupation throughout 1339-1350.


Brian is interested in chivalric combat, poetry, cartography, and historical cooking.

Timeline of Activity:

Began participating in Ansteorra in 2013.

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Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Glaslyn Defender of the Flame 2015.
  • Competed in the 2015 Tournament of Champions.
  • Co-Cartographer of the illuminated kingdom map in Royal ownership.

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Mundane Information:

Brian is a football coach and history teacher in mundane life.

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