Bardic Works of Thomas de Groet

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For Love of Ansteorra

For love of Ansteorra I will sing.
My talents to the Kingdom now I bring.
To honor her with woven song or tale
Inspiring all her people without fail
With verse and music helping hearts take wing.
To test my bardic skill is everything
To match with all who wish to please the King.
The challenge of the competition hale.
For love of Ansteorra.
Eisteddfod is the time for bards to fling
The gage of challenge, I will forward spring
I take it up and will not turn my tail
From North to South I vow to blaze a trail
The gentle who can lead each heart to ring
For love of Ansteorra.

From Atenveldt, a Sable Star

From Atenveldt was born a Sable Star
Her Eastern lands a kingdom did become
Ere even that her prowess known afar
At Burro Creek a Western King undone
A populace of courtesy and worth
A King of honor and a Queen of grace
A kingdom unlike any else on earth
A kingdom stretching even into space
The home to rapier fighters, Dons renowned
Whose praises friend and foe alike will sing
The Sable Star upon a golden crown
Gleams bright upon the brow of every King
"One Star, One Army" sounds across the field
The foes of Ansteorra always yield!

Though Far I Go

Though far I go, one land my heart will hold
Her people strong, her lands are free and wide
A Sable Star upon a field of gold
My homeland sweet, my people brave and bold
No matter where I go my thoughts abide
Though far I go, one land my heart will hold.
A history of valor known from old
In battle grim one banner is our guide
A Sable Star upon a field of gold
We travel far to war in climate cold
We fight with allies ever by our side
Though far I go one land my heart will hold
Each day new heroes come within our fold
Our flag flies high, we follow it with pride
A Sable Star upon a field of gold
The bravery of Ansteorra told
For King and country far away we ride
Though far I go, one land my heart will hold
A Sable Star upon a field of gold.