A Questionnaire for People Pages

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If you would like a People Page built for you, simply copy and paste the questionnaire below into an email, fill in the answers, and send it to the Wiki Vscribe. Don't forget you will also need to send in the permission forms listed in each section.

  • What is your full SCA Name?
    • Have you used other names in the Society? If so, please list.
    • Is your current or prior name registered?
    • Do you have a nickname?
    • What are your preferred pronouns?

  • Do you have a favorite photograph of yourself in garb that you can provide?
    • If providing a photograph: We need a Models Release Form to be filled out: Model Release
    • What caption would you like included with the picture?
    • Do you know the name of/have contact info for the photographer? (We will need a photographer's release form, found here: Photographer's Release )

  • What is your CURRENT branch/location?

  • What is your current status? (Active / Inactive)

  • What year did you join the SCA?

  • Please provide a link to your listing in the Order of Precedence for Ansteorra.
    • Are there NON-Armigerous awards that you have received which are not listed in the OP? If so, please list.
    • Are there other Kingdoms in which you are listed in the OP? IF so, please provide.

  • Do you have a registered device and/or badge?
    • Do you have electronic images of your device and/or badge that you can provide? If you created the graphic, we will need a Content Release form. It is found here: Creative Release
    • If not, would you like one created for you?

  • What Local offices have you held?

  • What Regional offices have you held?

  • What Kingdom offices have you held?

  • What Society offices have you held?

  • What time period and country is your current persona from?

  • Do you have a persona history/story? If so, please include it below.

  • What are your interests in the SCA?
    • Do you have photographs of your work you'd like to include, or handouts for classes you have taught?

  • Do you have a timeline of your activity in the SCA?
    • What regional/local/Kingdom groups have you been a member of in the past?

  • What singular honors have you won or special tasks you have completed? (Competitions, special projects of benefit to the group/kingdom, Autocratting/Feast Stewarding, etc)

  • Are you affiliated with any households or individuals (Ie: Married to, squired to, member of house, proteges, etc)

  • Is there mundane information about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing?

  • Do you have a personal website / photo album / Facebook page you would like to link to? If so, please provide the address.

  • Do you have Special Needs information you would like to include? (i.e. Considerations if you are called into court... severe allergies... service animals...)