A Questionnaire for Household Pages

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This questionnaire is designed to facilitate the building of a page for a Household. If you would like a Household Page made for your Household, please copy and paste the questions below into an email, and fill in the answers. The questionnaire can then be emailed to the Wiki Administrator.


  • Does the Household have a registered or unregistered badge or device for its members?
    • If so, do you have an electronic version of it available? If one is not available, would you like one made for you?

The Founding:

  • When was the House founded?
  • Who were the founding members?
  • Is there any story around the Household's founding?

The Leadership:

  • Who are the current leaders of the household?

The Membership:

  • Who are the current members of the household?

House Traditions:

  • Are there any traditions of the household?

House Rules:

  • Are there any rules that govern members?


  • Has the Household hosted any events?


  • Is the household allied or closely associated with any others?