Tales of Branwyn O'Brallaghan

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Suvdchin of the Moritu, OL

"First you need to know that Branwyn had a thick southern drawl and a piercing voice. I was displaying at my first Kingdom A+S in Bonwick (This was before Gulf War started) I had a piece of embroidery and a painted sheet wall panel. I found out I was going to be judged by Branwyn and I was a nervous wreck. The Ansteorran Painting Goddess. Oh my. So she comes over and is so down to earth that I started to relax. I finally got the nerve to start asking questions and she said the words that have stuck with me until this day. I asked her about painting techniques and her reply was, "Eh, ya just slap the paint on there." When I became Charla's apprentice and she gave me a book for people to write feed back for me, I wrote Branwyn's words on the first page. She was a character and I miss her."