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The seneschal acts as the administrative head of the group. Every local group is required to have a seneschal who reports to the kingdom's seneschal.  
The seneschal acts as the administrative head of the group. Every local group is required to have a seneschal who reports to the kingdom's seneschal.  
====[[Seneschals of Ansteorra|Kingdom Seneschal]]====
====[[Seneschals of Ansteorra|Kingdom Seneschal]]====
*Current officer [[Ainar Magnusson]]  
*Current officer [[Avery Shaw]]  
**Contact [mailto:seneschal@ansteorra.org|Kingdom Seneshal]
**Contact [mailto:seneschal@ansteorra.org|Kingdom Seneshal]
=====Regional Seneschals=====
=====Regional Seneschals=====

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Office of the Seneschal

The seneschal acts as the administrative head of the group. Every local group is required to have a seneschal who reports to the kingdom's seneschal.

Kingdom Seneschal

Regional Seneschals
Branch Officers
Deputy Officers

Minister of the List or Constable: In charge of maintaining and tracking liability waivers for events and combat activities.

Office of the Reeve

  • Every branch is required to have a Treasurer (aka Reeve). Branch Treasurers (money-handlers) report to Regional Exchequers (report-coordinators).
  • Regional Exchequers serve as an aid to the Kingdom Treasurer to make sure that Branch Treasurers have the resources they need to handle their offices.
  • The Kingdom Treasurer (money-handler), also known as the Chancellor of the Exchequer (from the British office), handles the financial matters of the Kingdom. The Kingdom Treasurer (money-handler) reports to the Society Exchequer (report-coordinator).
  • The Society Chancellor of the Exchequer administrates the Kingdom and Branch Treasurers. This officer reports to the Corporate Treasurer.
  • Corporate Treasurer (money-handler) handles the financial matters of the overall Corporation, including the annual report to the IRS.

Kingdom Exchequer

Many thanks to the ACCEPS team for 12 years of service to our Society, ending in 2015.

Branch Treasurers

Branch Treasurers are the first line of defense between our Kingdom and financial problems. They are our greatest asset for maintaining the functionality of our current funds. They are brave souls who recognize that their Branch's ability to maintain good financial practices is worth the inconvenience of rigorous reporting requirements.

Regional Officers

Regional Exchequers provide the following services to Branch Treasurers:

  • Training
  • Book Reviews
  • Signatures on bank cards
  • Routine review of reports
  • Feedback and Guidance
Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) Deputy
Domesday Deputy
Kingdom Chamberlain
Other Treasurer-Related Officers
  • Treasurer Virtual Scribe
  • Asterisk Herald
  • Bordure Herald

Commentary on Common Forms, Reports, and Other Treasurer Obligations

Annual Reporting Requirements

  • Monthly Reporting Requirements
  • Quarterly Reporting Requirements
  • Expense approval - check request/check advance
  • Annual Budget Update
  • Annual Inventory
  • Financial Policy, reviewed annually
  • SCA Bank Signature Change Forms

Society requires annual branch budgets, minimum Financial Policies, and some kind of asset management strategy. In our Kingdom, these requirements have been addressed by requiring updates to the Annual Branch Budget, Branch Financial Policy, and a general inventory of branch-owned items, due at the end of November. We announce these requirements at Round Tables, via Regionals as the reports are due, and in the Financial Policy.
Event and Activity Reporting Requirements

  • Review of Books
  • Gate Sign in sheets
  • Event Reports
  • Waivers

Office of the Herald

This officer is in charge of heraldic activities, such as the creation and registration of names and arms. Each kingdom has a College of Heralds which prepares submissions to go to the Society College of Arms, headed by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms.

Star Principal Heralds of Ansteorra

Office of the Hospitaller

In charge of welcoming and facilitating new participants into the SCA including recruiting, onboarding, and transitioning members from other branches.

Hospitallers of Ansteorra

Office of the Arts and Sciences

In charge of the arts and sciences, facilitating classes, displays, and competitions in all the different areas possible. [blech, somebody fix this description]

Arts & Sciences Ministers of Ansteorra

Office of the Chirurgeon

In charge of safety and modern first aid. This officer must have certification for some form of medical training outside the Society, with the minimum being Basic First Aid and CPR. Persons serving as Chirurgeons work under the "Good Samaritan" principal providing only first aid and either calling for Emergency Medical Services, or advising sick or injured persons to seek medical care on their own if they have injuries or illnesses that are beyond the scope of First Aid to treat. At some large events, such as Pennsic and Estrella Wars, EMS personnel stand by on site for the duration of the event. While the SCA does not take on the responsibility for providing medical care, it does encourage those who have medical training to voluntarily be available at events in case of injury or sudden illness.

Chirurgeons of Ansteorra

Knight Marshal

Knight Marshal: The combat supervisor, the knight marshal administrates Armored Combat (rattan and armor) activities for the group. A local group is required to have one in order to host combat activities.

Earl Marshals of Ansteorra

Rapier Marshal; Supervises rapier (fencing) activities for the group.

Office of the Chronicler

The Chronicler Produces and edits the group's newsletter. The Society Chronicler monitors each of the kingdom and local group's chroniclers, while the SCA's two organization-wide publications, Tournaments Illuminated and The Compleat Anachronist, each have their own editor-in-chief.

Chroniclers of Ansteorra

Minister of Children

Arranging and officiating children's activities. Sometimes known as Minister of Youth.

Office of the Historians


Those that keep the past intact, that it might inform and enrich the present middle ages.

Kingdom Historian

The Kingdom Historian is the coordinating force for all the other historians, as well as the keeper of the physical records of the kingdom. In order to become the kingdom Historian you must apply to the post and have the physical space to store all the physical documents.

The Kingdom historian's term lasts like most officers for two years. However, this office is often extended due to large projects of whichever historian is in office at the time. Mistress Annes, the current historian, held the office for 5 years. She had taken it over in a badly neglected state. There were many projects she got off the ground, such as getting a webpage for the historian on the Ansteorra website, tripling the amount of historians at local levels and setting up a regional system of officers.

Then Master Robert Fitzmorgan held it for 4 years. During his tenure, he completely revamped the paper filing system with the history eventually filling 27 tubs of materials. He also was the creator of this wiki.

Mistress Annes took the office back because of unfinished business that she could not accomplish the first time. Her private goal is to scan all 27 tubs of paper into electronic form. After that, if the paper deteriorates beyond reading as it is already doing, the history can still be studied and learned from by future historians.

Their official duties are to keep the past history (obviously) and to keep people's interest in keeping their present history of the group and the kingdom. Not so official duties are serving as the memory of the kingdom, organizing museums at Kingdom Anniversary events and teaching about how to be a historian to those wanting to become historians for their group.

  • Current officer: Annes Clotilde von Bamburg (Darlene Burns)
Regional Officers

Regional historians are appointed by.... Their terms last .... Their duties include....

Northern Region

Central Region

Southern Region

Branch Officers
Deputy Officers


Derived from webmaster, this officer is in charge of maintaining the Internet presence of the group.

Webministers of Ansteorra