Golden Dove

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The Order of the Golden Dove consists of former Consorts of a principality of Ansteorra.


"You might expect the feathers for a "golden dove" to be all gold. The feathers are not all homogeneous, but they are all in Vindheim's colors. Each of the members will have served Vindheim and will continue to serve Vindheim, each in their own way, bringing their own strengths to the table.

A panache of feathers is a unified group, just as we expect the Doves to accomplish more for Vindheim as a cohesive group than they could as isolated individuals. And they're surrounded by a Viscounty coronet, calling to mind that they have each faithfully served the Principality."


The Order of the Golden Dove is a non-armigerous order in Ansteorra.

Badge or Insignia

The badge for the Order: (Fieldless) A panache of five feathers, Or, gules, Or, sable, and Or, emergent from a coronet of six lobes Or.


Award created May 13, LVII (2022).

Order of the Golden Dove Recipients

Non-Armigerous - AoA Level - Grant Level - Peerage