Coronation of Willow I

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The Coronation of Willow I as First Queen of Ansteorra was held on July 14, 1979 in the Barony of Stargate.

Her Royal highness was unable to attend Coronation on June 14th, and our out of Kingdom guests had already made plans to be here for that date, so it was decided to have two Coronations. Ansteorra became a kingdom at Jonathan's Coronation on June 16th and 17th. Willow was to be crowned on July 14th.

The day was spent in dancing and merriment and culminated in the Coronation of Her Highness and the first joint court of the first Crown of Ansteorra.

The Crown requested that all those who had sworn fealty to His Majesty at Coronation reconfirm that oath to both the King and Queen, and receive their oath in return. This was done starting with the Knights and their Ladies, then the Landed barons and baronesses and then the Kingdom Officers. The Pelicans and laurels swore fealty and then the members of the populace who wished to swear fealty were invited to do so.

After the oaths were sworn many presentations were made to Their Majesties. Two Knights took Squires, Lance of the Rose became squire to Sir Michael, Laird of MacEideard, and Vlad Starkraven became squire to Sir John the Plain.

Mistress Janet, (Janet Virago Parva of House Morningstar) reaffirmed her Pelican's Oath.

The Sword Friendbringer was passed from Roderick Levellance to Stefan Galvanyzed, and the Shield of St. Clare was passed from Lord William of Weir to Lord Lasguard the Red Fox.

  • Vicountess Constance, Lady Nordlichwald (Constance Saint Dunstan) was made Court Baroness and Ambassador to Atenveldt.
  • Lord Orm Skjoldbidg was made Court Baron and Ambassador to Utanwayard, (Outlands).
  • Master Lloyd von Eaker was made Court Baron.
  • Lady Joycelyn was made Court Baroness and given a Grant of Arms.
  • Lord Vargskol Halfblood and Lady Senna de Fraser, Baron and Baroness Bryn Gwlad were both given a Grant of Arms.
  • Sir Jan w Orzeldom and Lady Kemreth Danil, his lady, were together elevated to the Order of the Laurel.
  • Lord William of Weir was elevated to Knighthood.

Following an Atenveldt tradition, as the first Knight created in the reign, Sir William of Weir was declared to be the Queen's Champion.

Following court and a brief break for dinner, there was dancing and celebrating through the evening. Lady Sharallele Anna MacEideard, who taught many dances was named by their Majesties to be the Ansteorran Mistress of Dance for Their reign.