Zubeydah Al-Badawiyyah

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Abe and Zubeydah.jpg
Zubeydah & Abe at Ansteorra 40th Year, 2019
Photo by Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar
Registered Name: Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah
Resides: Vindheim / Northern Region
Claimed by Mooneschadowe
Dwells in Northkeep
Status: Active
Joined SCA: June 14, 1986
Order of Precedence
Kingdom of Ansteorra

Kingdom of the Outlands

Zubeydah Achievement by Alisandre.jpg
Azure, an ewer bendwise within an orle argent. Achievement by Alisandre Oliphant

Her Excellency, Zubeydah Hanim, BQC, CB, OP

Original Court Barony Scroll by Annais Elanor de Montomerie‎‎ presented at Saturday's High Court at Ansteorra 40th Year, by Vladislav & Margaret

While her registered name is Zubaydah, she prefers the alternate spelling, Zubeydah.
(The initials after her name (BQC), are the designation given to those who are Bearers of the Queen's Cipher of the Kingdom of the Outlands.)

Nicknames, Known-Bys, and Odd Titles:

  • Zuzu (This nickname was given by Sigen Fridreksdottir, and is welcome and makes her smile.) (Beydah is NOT her name. Zub is RIGHT OUT.)
  • In Mooneschadowe, she is known as Don Zubeydah of the Waterbearing Mafia * / **
  • On the Armour Archive, she holds the title of Dark Overlord Chick of the Universe and is best known for her summary and index of The St Florian Project by Robert MacPhereson (File:The St Florian Project - A Summary of Work.pdf), liberal political views, and a certain discussion of ladies underpinnings.
  • In the Northern Region, she is known as the Patron Saint of Chocolate
  • For a span of time in March of 2020, she was given the title of "Official Neutral Marshal of Mayhem" for her arbitration of a wiki-content-battle between the Barony of Namron and the Barony of Wiesenfeuer.

* Important!! This does not, in any way, imply that Zubeydah has a White Scarf of Ansteorra. Please note the 'Mafia' part of the name. :D
** The first rule of the Waterbearing Mafia is that we don't talk about the Waterbearing Mafia...

  • Zubeydah uses the Turkish title for Peerage, "Hanim."

Previously Known As: When she first started in the SCA in the Outlands, she used Kestrel of Ravenshold.
Pronunciation:zoo-BAY-dah AL-bah-dah-WEE-yuh
Pronouns: She/Her

Alternate Persona

Zubeydah is currently exploring an alternate, Norse persona, named (Hersirkona) Ilsabet Wilhelmsdattir.

Additional Registered Heraldry: Achievement

Mantling: Argent goutty azure, and Azure
Helm: Persian helm argent, faces affronty
Crest: Dexter human hand holding a quill, writing upon a page, argent
Coronet: Baronial with six points topped with pearls
Dexter Supporter: Domestic cat rampant guardant sable, armed and orbed gules, maintaining a book Or
Sinister Supporter: Griffin rampant guardant sable, armed and orbed gules, maintaining a book Or
Motto: That which is not written is forgotten
Notes: Compartment is a pile of books and scrolls. A wreath of Pelican feathers encircles the arms.


  • Local:
    • Prior Northkeep Baronial Waterbearer
    • Current Chronicler, Barony of Northkeep, June - Present
  • Regional:
    • Prior Northern Regional Waterbearer (Warranted Office - 2003-2004)
  • Principality:
  • Kingdom:
    • Kingdom Historian, September 2019 - Present
    • Site Administrator - Ansteorra Wiki, 2011 to Present
    • Prior Vscribe to the Historian's Office (Warranted Office - 2 years)
    • Prior Scribal Guild Vscribe (Warranted Office - 3 years): Tripled the number of featured original works, created the Charter Library and Insignia Library
    • Prior Waterbearer's Guild Vscribe (non-warranted)

Persona History:

Born without many prospects, she was affianced at an early age to a wealthy merchant. At his urging, she and her family accompanied her fiance on a mercantile venture to the Middle East. The caravan was attacked. She was the sole survivor, left for dead. Found by a wandering tribe of nomads led by Sir Haroun ibn al-Dhi'b al-Abyadh of the Outlands, she was rescued from the cruel sands of the desert and nursed back to health. She was given the name Zubeydah by Haroun. Her restless spirit did not allow her to accept his hospitality for long, and earned her the name 'al-Badawiyyah' - the Wanderer. She left the deserts and found a home in Ansteorra, where she was captured, body and heart, by an unusually well-dressed Ostrogoth named Abe Vivitar Von Gebric


  • Waterbearing (alas, not able to actively do so any more due to physical limitations)
  • Service through Arts: Scribal, Lampwork, Jewelrymaking.
  • Gift and Prize Baskets, Fundraising
  • Heraldic Art
  • Cooking / Baking / Confectionary
  • SCA-focused Web Design/Administration/Data Collection: Event, local group and Guild websites, photo albums, web graphic design. Administer of the Kingdom Wiki. Editor-in-Chief, Chronology of the Northern Region

Selected Examples of Beadwork Projects

Timeline of Activity:

Affirmation of Handfasting, artwork by Nahama Joy (Adelaide)

1986: Zubeydah's first SCA event was on 1986-06-14, in the brand-new Kingdom of the Outlands: their first Crown Tournament in which Gunwalt was crowned king. Her clearest memory of that event was the first Royal Court, and everyone present singing the anthem of the Kingdom of Atenvelt as a form of good-bye. She was only active in the SCA in the Outlands for about 6 months. (As the majority of her family lives in the Outlands, she can be seen at events there on rare occasions for special events.)

2000: Living in California, Zubeydah is invited by her family to attend the Estrella War. As several of the Household are participating in the combats, she gets an introduction to Waterbearing at the hands of Baroness Dovita of Al-Barran.

2001: Having moved to Oklahoma in October of the prior year, Zubeydah seeks out the SCA in the fall/winter of 2001. She meets Northkeep's Hospitaler, Amanda Blackwolf, who provides contact information for the Barony.

2002: Zubeydah attends a few hours of Northkeep Castellan, and is also able to make it to the Baroness' Toy Tourney and King's College, which is held in Namron. There, she meets Dyan du Lac Calendre who makes a very strong impression on her with her artistry and more importantly, her kindness. She regularly attends Fighter Practices and Populace meetings in the Barony. At three Fighter Practices, she hosts informal Middle Eastern Dance classes. She also begins charter painting.

2003: In January, Zubeydah attends and teaches at wInterkingdom Collegium for the first time. In February, she heads back to Estrella War, where she demonstrates the fine art of well Equipped Waterbearing, for which she receives wordfame in the Kingdom of the Outlands, and Northkeep receives funds from the Volunteer hours she put in. At Crown Tournament that year, Zubeydah is called into court, and receives her Award of Arms from the hands of Miguel Sebastian de Oporto I and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain I, all the while silently cursing that she had not taken the Introduction to Court class offered by Etienne De Saint Amaranth, because she had no idea what to do... At Castellan, she focuses on waterbearing and chatting with the fighters. "I simply ensure that my friends leave the field with as much honor as when they entered," is the epic comment by Owen ap Aeddan. Abe meets Amanda's husband, Thormund Blackwolf, and they realize they knew each other from youth, and from the Army. At Castellan, they are introduced by Balvin Thorfinnsson to Hersir Thorgrim Bjornson and Baroness Sigen Fridreksdottir, who welcome Abe and Zubeydah into their camp, provide them with a fire, feast, and fellowship. Fall brings Mooneschadowe Guardian, and Zubeydah meets Ollj and Mylicent, who are awesome. Later in the evening, Owen ap Aeddan presents Zubeydah with a blade, saying "This was given to me by Patrick Michael, during his fifth reign as King. When he gave it to me, he told me that my presence and participation made the game better for him. Zubeydah, you make the game better for me, with all that you do. I'd want you to have this." Late in the evening, Zubeydah gets to chat with Master Tarl Godric the Brokentoe, and hear the tale of the Ansteorran Adventuring Hat. The following day, Zubeydah receives her official Non-Contact Authorization Card, signed by the Northern Regional Knight Marshal, Owen ap Aeddan. In October, Protectorate brings new opportunities and challenges. Thorgrim Bjornson gives Zubeydah a Gryphon medallion, in thanks for her efforts and in solidarity for efforts towards a Principality in the region. She visits Oxlande's vigil and is quite impressed by all the panoply, and meets Niccolaia Valore for the first time, who very kindly spends several hours mentoring Zubeydah on charter painting. In December, another wInterKingdom is held. Zubeydah hosts two classes for youth, and one for adults. Zubeydah is named a Master Waterbearer and the Northern Regional Waterbearer in court by the Kingdom Chirugeon and Baron of Northkeep, Ainar Magnusson.

Patent of Arms created by Francesca di Lucca & Thomas de Groet

2004: Zubeydah attends several work sessions in Talequah with House Halfiras. At Kingdom Arts & Sciences/ Mooneschadowe Tribute to Ansteorra, Zubeydah teaches a class on waterbearing, and is able to certify several folks for their non-combatant authorizations. Master Oxlade's beer flows "like a happy brown river" and puts Abe under its spell. Event Reviews: Castellan, Ansteorra's Argent Anniversary Queen's Champion, Mooneschadowe Triumphe, Namron Protectorate, Wiesenfeur Yule

2005: Event Reviews: Estrella War, Northkeep Castellan, Mooneschadowe Guardian, Namron Protectorate, Chemin Noir's Fair of the Harvest

2021: Zubeydah's Elevation to the Order of the Pelican

Prior Groups

Caer Galen, the Outlands

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Mundane Information:

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