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Abe and Zubeydah.jpg
Zubeydah & Abe at Ansteorra 40th Year, 2019
Photo by Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar
Registered Name: Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah
Resides: Vindheim / Northern Region
Claimed by Mooneschadowe
Dwells in Northkeep
Status: Active
Joined SCA: June 14, 1986
Order of Precedence
Kingdom of Ansteorra

Kingdom of the Outlands

Zubeydah Achievement by Alisandre.jpg
Azure, an ewer bendwise within an orle argent. Achievement by Alisandre Oliphant

Her Excellency, Zubeydah Hanim, BQC, CB, OP

Original Court Barony Scroll by Annais Elanor de Montomerie‎‎ presented at Saturday's High Court at Ansteorra 40th Year, by Vladislav & Margaret

While her registered name is Zubaydah, she prefers the alternate spelling, Zubeydah.
(The initials after her name (BQC), are the designation given to those who are Bearers of the Queen's Cipher of the Kingdom of the Outlands.)

Nicknames, Known-Bys, and Odd Titles:

  • Zuzu (This nickname was given by Sigen Fridreksdottir, and is welcome and makes her smile.) (Beydah is NOT her name. Zub is RIGHT OUT.)
  • In Mooneschadowe, she is known as Don Zubeydah of the Waterbearing Mafia * / **
  • On the Armour Archive, she holds the title of Dark Overlord Chick of the Universe and is best known for her summary and index of The St Florian Project by Robert MacPhereson (File:The St Florian Project - A Summary of Work.pdf), liberal political views, and a certain discussion of ladies underpinnings.
  • In the Northern Region, she is known as the Patron Saint of Chocolate
  • For a span of time in March of 2020, she was given the title of "Official Neutral Marshal of Mayhem" for her arbitration of a wiki-content-battle between the Barony of Namron and the Barony of Wiesenfeuer.

* Important!! This does not, in any way, imply that Zubeydah has a White Scarf of Ansteorra. Please note the 'Mafia' part of the name. :D
** The first rule of the Waterbearing Mafia is that we don't talk about the Waterbearing Mafia...

  • Zubeydah uses the Turkish title for Peerage, "Hanim."

Previously Known As: When she first started in the SCA in the Outlands, she used Kestrel of Ravenshold.
Pronunciation:zoo-BAY-dah AL-bah-dah-WEE-yuh
Pronouns: She/Her

Alternate Persona:

Zubeydah is currently exploring an alternate, Norse persona, named (Hersirkona) Ilsabet Wilhelmsdattir.

Additional Registered Heraldry:

The following badge associated with this name was registered in February of 2022 (via Ansteorra): Sable, a ray of the sun issuant from sinister chief argent.

Zubeydah enjoys telling the story of how this badge came to be inspired and you should totally ask her some time.


Mantling: Argent goutty azure, and Azure
Helm: Persian helm argent, faces affronty
Crest: Dexter human hand holding a quill, writing upon a page, argent
Coronet: Baronial with six points topped with pearls
Dexter Supporter: Domestic cat rampant guardant sable, armed and orbed gules, maintaining a book Or
Sinister Supporter: Griffin rampant guardant sable, armed and orbed gules, maintaining a book Or
Motto: That which is not written is forgotten
Notes: Compartment is a pile of books and scrolls. A wreath of Pelican feathers encircles the arms.


  • Local Offices Held
    • Prior Northkeep Baronial Waterbearer
    • Prior Interim Chronicler, Barony of Northkeep, June 2021 - February 2022
  • Regional Offices Held
    • Prior Northern Regional Waterbearer (Warranted Office - 2003-2004)
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Kingdom Historian, September 2019 - Present
    • Site Administrator - Ansteorra Wiki, 2011 to Present
    • Prior Vscribe to the Historian's Office (Warranted Office - 2 years)
    • Prior Scribal Guild Vscribe (Warranted Office - 3 years): Tripled the number of featured original works, created the Charter Library and Insignia Library
    • Prior Waterbearer's Guild Vscribe (non-warranted)

Persona History:

Born without many prospects, she was affianced at an early age to a wealthy merchant. At his urging, she and her family accompanied her fiance on a mercantile venture to the Middle East. The caravan was attacked. She was the sole survivor, left for dead. Found by a wandering tribe of nomads led by Sir Haroun ibn al-Dhi'b al-Abyadh of the Outlands, she was rescued from the cruel sands of the desert and nursed back to health. She was given the name Zubeydah by Haroun. Her restless spirit did not allow her to accept his hospitality for long, and earned her the name 'al-Badawiyyah' - the Wanderer. She left the deserts and found a home in Ansteorra, where she was captured, body and heart, by an unusually well-dressed Ostrogoth named Abe Vivitar Von Gebric


  • Waterbearing (alas, not able to actively do so any more due to physical limitations)
  • Service through Arts: Scribal, Lampwork, Jewelrymaking.
  • Gift and Prize Baskets, Fundraising
  • Heraldic Art
  • Cooking / Baking / Confectionary
  • SCA-focused Web Design/Administration/Data Collection: Event, local group and Guild websites, photo albums, web graphic design. Administer of the Kingdom Wiki. Editor-in-Chief, Chronology of the Northern Region

Selected Examples of Beadwork Projects:

Timeline of Activity:

Affirmation of Handfasting, artwork by Nahama Joy (Adelaide)

1986: Zubeydah's first SCA event was on 1986-06-14, in the brand-new Kingdom of the Outlands: their first Crown Tournament in which Gunwalt was crowned king. Her clearest memory of that event was the first Royal Court, and everyone present singing the anthem of the Kingdom of Atenvelt as a form of good-bye. She was only active in the SCA in the Outlands for about 6 months. (As the majority of her family lives in the Outlands, she can be seen at events there on rare occasions for special events.)

2000: Living in California, Zubeydah is invited by her family to attend the Estrella War. As several of the Household are participating in the combats, she gets an introduction to Waterbearing at the hands of Baroness Dovita of Al-Barran.

2001: Having moved to Oklahoma in October of the prior year, Zubeydah seeks out the SCA in the fall/winter of 2001. She meets Northkeep's Hospitaler, Amanda Blackwolf, who provides contact information for the Barony.

2002: Zubeydah attends a few hours of Northkeep Castellan, and is also able to make it to the Baroness' Toy Tourney and King's College, which is held in Namron. There, she meets Dyan du Lac Calendre who makes a very strong impression on her with her artistry and more importantly, her kindness. She regularly attends Fighter Practices and Populace meetings in the Barony. At three Fighter Practices, she hosts informal Middle Eastern Dance classes. She also begins charter painting.

2003: In January, Zubeydah attends and teaches at wInterkingdom Collegium for the first time. In February, she heads back to Estrella War, where she demonstrates the fine art of well Equipped Waterbearing, for which she receives wordfame in the Kingdom of the Outlands, and Northkeep receives funds from the Volunteer hours she put in. At Crown Tournament that year, Zubeydah is called into court, and receives her Award of Arms from the hands of Miguel Sebastian de Oporto I and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain I, all the while silently cursing that she had not taken the Introduction to Court class offered by Etienne De Saint Amaranth, because she had no idea what to do... At Castellan, she focuses on waterbearing and chatting with the fighters. "I simply ensure that my friends leave the field with as much honor as when they entered," is the epic comment by Owen ap Aeddan. Abe meets Amanda's husband, Thormund Blackwolf, and they realize they knew each other from youth, and from the Army. At Castellan, they are introduced by Balvin Thorfinnsson to Hersir Thorgrim Bjornson and Baroness Sigen Fridreksdottir, who welcome Abe and Zubeydah into their camp, provide them with a fire, feast, and fellowship. Fall brings Mooneschadowe Guardian, and Zubeydah meets Ollj and Mylicent, who are awesome. Later in the evening, Owen ap Aeddan presents Zubeydah with a blade, saying "This was given to me by Patrick Michael, during his fifth reign as King. When he gave it to me, he told me that my presence and participation made the game better for him. Zubeydah, you make the game better for me, with all that you do. I'd want you to have this." Late in the evening, Zubeydah gets to chat with Master Tarl Godric the Brokentoe, and hear the tale of the Ansteorran Adventuring Hat. The following day, Zubeydah receives her official Non-Contact Authorization Card, signed by the Northern Regional Knight Marshal, Owen ap Aeddan. In October, Protectorate brings new opportunities and challenges. Thorgrim Bjornson gives Zubeydah a Gryphon medallion, in thanks for her efforts and in solidarity for efforts towards a Principality in the region. She visits Oxlande's vigil and is quite impressed by all the panoply, and meets Niccolaia Valore for the first time, who very kindly spends several hours mentoring Zubeydah on charter painting. In December, another wInterKingdom is held. Zubeydah hosts two classes for youth, and one for adults. Zubeydah is named a Master Waterbearer and the Northern Regional Waterbearer in court by the Kingdom Chirugeon and Baron of Northkeep, Ainar Magnusson.

Patent of Arms created by Francesca di Lucca & Thomas de Groet

2004: Zubeydah attends several work sessions in Talequah with House Halfiras. At Kingdom Arts & Sciences/ Mooneschadowe Tribute to Ansteorra, Zubeydah teaches a class on waterbearing, and is able to certify several folks for their non-combatant authorizations. Master Oxlade's beer flows "like a happy brown river" and puts Abe under its spell. Event Reviews: Castellan, Ansteorra's Argent Anniversary Queen's Champion, Mooneschadowe Triumphe, Namron Protectorate, Wiesenfeur Yule

2005: Event Reviews: Estrella War, Northkeep Castellan, Mooneschadowe Guardian, Namron Protectorate, Chemin Noir's Fair of the Harvest

2021: Zubeydah's Elevation to the Order of the Pelican

Prior Groups:

Caer Galen, the Outlands

Populace Provided Information:

Master Oliver Mordrake, OP, Kingdom of the Outlands

"I heard a story about you last weekend. I was at an event held for kingdom officers. One of them, from down south somewhere, was telling me about a lady at Estrella last year that totally changed the way she does waterbearing. She'd never thought of carrying anything with her besides water, like tape, etc, or how to be helpful on the field other than just by watering the stickjocks. When she'd told me the story about this incredibly helpful waterbearer, we started comparing notes. The upshot of this was that she was talking about you. Your good deeds have made you famous and beloved far beyond the borders of your home kingdom." - July 16, 2003

Her Excellency, Sigen Fridreksdottir, Baroness Northkeep

"This kind lady hit the ground running in Northkeep, and has never slowed down. She has tirelessly provided for the needs of the fighters of the North without fail. She has also provided for the needs of the Crown and Kingdom, in the form of a more than wonderful gift basket for the Kingdom of Ealdomere, and chocolates that were distributed among the Crowned Heads of the Known World, among other things. She has never failed to answer the call for help, regardless of any difficulties she may have had to overcome to answer that call. Zubeydah is the embodiment of selfless service, and an inspiration for the Kingdom. I am proud to call her friend. Vivat Ansteorra's newest Sable Crane!! I remain, Sigen Northkeep" - June 7, 2004

Honorable Lady Silvana Corwin

When asked, "What is your favorite shiny", Silvana answered, "Oohhh...that’s tough!! Actually I think it’s my circlet that Zubeydah Al-Badawiyyah made for me. We met via Sable Swap, she was who I had to gift. Anyways, through conversation, I told her it was about time for me to replace my old circlet. So, instead of my buying another, she just decided to make me one. I *love* it for its beauty but more because it represents new friendships and generosity of spirit. And yes, Zubeydah, you can add this to your wiki page! In fact, I insist!!"

Elevated to Court Baroness by 81st Crown at Ansteorra 40th Year. Photo by Gunhilda Adeleva Amberstar

Lady Kale Kourtikina

(Words delivered by His Excellency, Master Beorhlic Folcwineson, Baron of Northkeep, Lion of Ansteorra, upon the occaision of the Ansteorran 40th Year Anniversary High Court, September 21st, 2019)
To Our Most Honored Rom Baro, do I, your humble servant, Kallie Kourtikina, send greetings. With affection and good faith, do I beg a boon of your Grace. I wish to speak upon one whom you have shown favor, and offer simple words of praise for her.
Zubeydah. Is. Awesome.
For years, she has worked in the quiet background, ensuring our Venerable History shall not be lost to the mists of time. This seems a simple thing, and yet season after season, she has worked to preserve something vital to our Beloved kingdom - not only our Selves, but those who have gone before us.
Additionally, she has graced us all with confections that melt on the tongue, dance in the mouth, and leave one wating more, despite the lack of room in our bellies. Her graceful touch shines in the simplest endeavors she undertakes, all while she cares for others.
It breaks my heart that I have been called away to the chill of An Tir, however, I know that I have left my cherished Kingdom in hands that will hold her gently, yet firmly, even in times of tribulations. One more steward has been named, and Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah has my trust and love in the honor and duty she has now been given.
Opre Romani - Vivat the Romani!
Yours in Service to a Dream,
Lady Kallie Kourtikina

Countess Drahomira von Augsburg

Zubeydah is the most talented - giving- loving/loved person I know within the society! When I served as Outlands Queen, she presented us with largess to beautify our people/kingdom! I personally love her immensely!! (02/23/2020)

Ashildr inn Harfagri

At the 2020 Mooneschadowe Provincial Games, Her Excellency Zubeydah prepared a fine selection of baked goods available for purchase by the discerning palate. (1) I arrived early, yet knowing the caliber of craft present on that table, knew that if I desired those divine melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows, I had to act fast. As she bounced between delighted Ansteorrans, she dutifully put me down for a bag of the marshmallows and set them to the side. Come lunch, she was swamped by people buying deserts and picking up their many goodies. When I arrived, her smile dropped as she realized she had accidentally sold the marshmallows amidst the rush and hustle and bustle. Then apologizing profusely, as if this was somehow a step down and not an unexpected delight, she started sliding me her special marshmallows. (2) Light brown, just as melty and divine as any other, but with the special bonus of tasting magically like caramel. And she kept sliding them. Bags upon bags of delightful fluffy caramel clouds, all the while apologizing, for her heart is kind and as full of grace as her hands are of magic.

I waited, until after lunch. I waited till I sat at the side of the rapier field, then unwrapped a marshmallow. Good gentles, I do not lie when I say I fell over. I do not lie when I say Knights and Dons alike looked at me askance, lying on my back by my sword, both feet in the air, crying because of a marshmallow. Would that I were deft enough with words to sing the praises of this marshmallow. Would that I were clever enough in prose to regale the achievements of Her Excellency that much more. These marshmallows brought me to tears of joy once, twice, thrice. "Her Excellency" is not just the title of this woman, it is a measure of her skill. She is surely some kind of wizard, performing chemical kitchen magics upon what would be otherwise simple goodies. I hope one day to be found worthy of more of her goodies, shiny and sweet alike.

May she ever look upon us mortals and find us deserving of her continued good works. (and ma'am if you don't take this compliment i will scream) (3)

Editor's Notes:

  1. It was a fundraiser for the Medieval Studies Group, to send folks to Gulf Wars.
  2. Lest anyone think otherwise, these were not "special" ("edibles") marshmallows, just an experimental batch made with brown sugar and dark corn syrup - they were not available for sale, but rather were gifted to anyone who provided wiki content.
  3. yes.... i will happily accept this compliment. :D

Ivarr runamagi

I came to Eldern Hills because you were being elevated. Then you asked me to speak for you and that was icing on the cake. You are probably the most deserving person I have known to be offered entrance into the Order of the Pelican, your service is far beyond what I did when I was offered entrance. You are a shining example of what a Peer should be and in my eyes you are what a Lion should be. Thank you for the Honor of witnessing your elevation and being asked to tell TRM Ansteorra my thoughts on your qualifications for elevation. You should continue to do what you have been doing, don't ramp it up. The rest of the world ain't ready to try and keep up with you as it is. Hugs, sister. (07/28/2021)

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

Chef and Hostess, Noble's Luncheon, Castellan, 2012
  • Award Insignia: Between 2018 - 2019, hand-crafted and donated 76 plaited wire AOA or Baronial circlets for distribution by the Crown or Barony of Northkeep.
  • Fundraising: Has raised over $5000 in fundraisers for Northkeep, a Gulf Wars Queen's Tea, the Mooneschadowe Student's Group, Northern Region Tribute to Ansteorra, and Royal travel, by donating directly to fundraising efforts, and serving as coordinator/organizer.
  • Royal Gift Basket Coordinator for Battlemoor I, Lilies War 2011, Battlemoor III, Battlemoor IV
  • Service to the Outlands: Donations to Royal Largess, fundraising auctions, backlog scrolls.
  • Scribal Arts: 70+ Kingdom Charters. Original works: local champion scrolls, Guardian of the Queen's Hope 2004.
  • Heraldic Arts: 250+ digital files of individual's heraldry, using art from the http://heraldicart.org/ project, contributing original heraldic art to the project.
Payment is delivered to the Jannisary Band (Pennsic War, 2019) The entire tote at the bottom of the pile was filled with cookies and brownies made by Zubeydah
  • Frequent Vigil / Hospitality contributions: Mistress Michelle Chantal de Charente; Mistress Magdelena da Cadamosto; Her Excellency, Mistress Adria; Her Excellency, Mistress Rhiannon Redwulf; His Excellency, Iarll Owen ap Aeddan; Her Grace, Mistress Vanessa de Verona; Mistress Melisande; Her Excellency, Mistress Adena Terricsdottir; Master Oliver Mordrake - Outlands; Master Reis ap Tuder; Namron Protectorate Noble's Luncheon - Desserts, * King's College Desserts (2018); Coronation, October 2018 - Provided individually bagged sea-salt caramels as a thank you to the Royal Entourage; His Excellency, Maestro Orlando Giovanni de Gilead; Her Excellency, Mistress Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac; 2019 Winter Crown Tournament sideboard luncheon dessert table; Sir Daniel Schade; The Reign of Vladislav Strelec & Margaret ny Connor: Treats for Largess, and payment of the Janissary Band hired to herald in the Kingdom at the Opening Procession; Ansteorra 40th Year Hafla desserts sideboard; 2019 Coronation - desserts sideboard; His Excellency, Master Elric Dracwin.
  • Treats In Quarantine (Spring/Summer 2020): Mailed or delivered 101 customized boxes/bags of treats for individuals in Ansteorra and another 5 Kingdoms to keep spirits up during the Year Like No Other.
  • Waterbearer / Waterbearer in Charge / Northern Regional Waterbearer: Service, leadership and instruction: 2000 - 2015.
  • Organized and administered the File:40 For 40th - Year of the Quest.pdf
  • Data Collection Coordinator, Primary Contributor: The Chronology of the Northern Region of Ansteorra, for the Application for Principality, 2018 - Present.
  • ZOOM Host: During 2020 - 2021, served as a Collegium Room Host for several events, including Winterkingdom (x2) King's College, and Wisenfeuer Baronial, utilizing her personal ZOOM account for the benefit of SCA events.
  • Special Event Hostess:
    • 2006: Laurel's Luncheon, Mooneschadowe's Triumphe of the Eclipse
    • 2007: Young Ladies Salon & Luncheon, Northkeep's Castellan - Organized, catered and hosted a RSVP-only event for nine young girls. Guest instructors and self provided two and a half hours instructions on ladylike qualities, manners, and demeanor. Served lunch and provided gifts for all attending.
    • 2008: Young Gentlemen's Salle & Luncheon, Northkeep's Castellan - Organized, catered and hosted an RSVP-only event for four young boys. Guest Instructors included Jean-Paul de Sens, Owen ap Aeddan, Timothy le Corbusier, Therese Maria Giovanni, and Queen Vanessa de Verona. Served lunch and provided gifts for all attending.
    • 2008: Sous Chef, The Outlands Party, Estrella War, Atenveldt/The Outlands (Desserts)
    • 2011: Sous Chef, The Queen's Tea, Battlemoor II, The Outlands (Photo Here).
    • 2012: Chef & Hostess, Nobles' Luncheon, Northkeep's Castellan event: Middle Eastern/Mediterranean themed luncheon, open to all nobles and Peers present at the event, as well as many of the general populace. (Photos Here)
    • 2015 - Present: The Hero's Portion of Chocolate: Castellan - see note below.
    • The Legends Luncheon at Ansteorra 40th Year - Chef and Event Organizer
    • 2020: Coordinator/Organizer, Ansteorra Lampwork Guild bead swap.
    • Ongoing: Historian's Fireside Chats - weekly meetings beginning April 26 via ZOOM open to all, to discuss aspects of Ansteorra history and culture.
  • Royal Baker to Vladislav and Margaret
  • Entourage:
  • Secondary Signatory Deputy to the Exchequer, 2021 - Present

Teaching / Instruction:

  • Middle Eastern Dance for Beginners - WinterKingdom Collegium 2003 & Northkeep Fighter Practice, Summer of 2008
  • Middle Eastern Dance (Youth) - WinterKingdom Collegium 2003
  • Waterbearing 101 - WinterKingdom Collegiums (2003), 2 special 'in home' classes, for Namron and for Talequah SCA group, Mooneschadowe Activity Night
  • Waterbearing 2.0 - WinterKingdom Collegium (2010)
  • Netted Beadwork - WinterKingdom Collegium 2004, 2006 File:Making a netted beadwork anklet.pdf
  • How To Make a Tassel (Youth) - WinterKingdom Collegium 2006
  • Making a Crown (Youth) - WinterKingdom Collegium 2003
  • Diapering Techniques Handout for Scribal Guild, 2006
  • Article: Simple Site Token and Largess Ideas by Zubeydah
  • The Ansteorran Wiki - Winterkingdom, 2013 File:Step By Step - How To Create a People Page On The Ansteorran Wiki.pdf. Special class held for Incipient Canton of Wyldwood (Talequah, OK) - August 28, 2016. wInterKingdom 2019. Info Tables hosted at 2019 Spring Crown Tournament, 2019 Mooneschadowe Provincial Games, 2019 Steppes Artisan, 2019 Summer Crown Tournament. Class held at Eldern Hills artisan. April, 2020: Online class held by invitation for the Barony of Bonwicke. April - May 2020: Created informational videos published to YouTube. Hosted a class at the Spring in our Steppes E-Vent - May 2020. Class held at King's College - June 2020. Hosted a class at Bjornsborg Valkyrfelt, October 2020. Took part in the ongoing collegium for Service Minded Individuals, hosting a class on the wiki in July 2021. King's College - June 2022.
  • Historian's Office: May 2020 - At Northkeep's virtual event, Can't-stellan, hosted an hour and a half long educational discussion on the history of the Barony, in conjunction with the Baronial Historian, Valeria Nimmera.
  • Introduction to Lampworking: Northkeep wInterKingdom 2021; Northkeep A&S Night, November 2021. King's College - June 2022.
  • Making a Braided Wire Circlet - Mooneschadowe, August 24, 2021; Wyldewode, November 2021. King's College - June 2022.

Gallery of Scribal Work:

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

Zubeydah's Songbook:

(Click link above to see original bardic works written by Zubeydah)


  • Married to Abe Vivitar Von Gebric
  • Member, M.A.F.I.A. (Mooneschadowe and Friends In Absentia)
  • Prior Protégé to Mistress Seuilla DeCordoba, OP (Kingdom of the Outlands) Released in good standing, in January of 2019 due to Seuilla's departure from the SCA. (As part of Zubeydah's Elevation to the Pelican, Seuilla formally took back her belt in person, as she had not been able to do so previously due to her absence from the SCA.)
  • Member of the Waterbearer's Guild of Ansteorra, prior to Guild dissolution
  • Member of the Ansteorran Scribal Guild
  • Associated with House Halfiras (Closed Household)
  • Associated with Clan McKillinKay, The Outlands, via her brother, Nathaniel McPhereson.
  • One of the two "Dark Overlord Chicks of the Universe" of the Armour Archive

Mundane Information:

Zubeydah - 1986 / Crown Tournament, The Outlands

Zubeydah lives in Tulsa, OK, and mundanely works in payroll. She is a lifetime nerd AND geek, and is dangerously close to being a full on crazy cat lady. Additional information can be found on User:Zubeydah.

In Case Of Court:

Zubeydah is often at events without her beloved, Abe. In Case of Court, any advanced warning or notice would be Greatly Appreciated, so that he can try to attend and be witness (darren (at) dnbni.com). If he is unable to attend, she prefers that others NOT offer to escort her in his place. Zubeydah does NOT handle surprises well. A little bit of warning is a kindness.

Pronunciation Guide: zoo-BAY-dah AL-bah-dah-WEE-yuh... but honestly, she would far prefer that only 'Zubeydah' was used, rather than the full name which gives difficulties.
Title: Zubeydah uses the Turkish form of her peerage title, Hanim.

Special Needs:

Zubeydah is unable to stand for long periods (ie more than 30 minutes) unsupported, due to problems with her hips and knees, and cannot walk long distances (ie more than 1/4th of a mile) in a single go. She also has social anxiety which makes Big Surprises or Unplanned Speaking In Public difficult. (A little warning goes a Long Way.)