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This page is for tracking changes made by Zubeydah on the wiki.

  • 12/19/12: New page for Finnacan Dub. Been talking to folks on Facebook about wiki content.
  • October & November: I have been working on a special project, attempting to document all the Kingdom officers... well... ever. Still collecting info and doing data entry.
  • 09/24/2012: Created pages for 67th Crown and 68th Crown. Updated Jean Paul de Sens' page to new template. Based on information gathered at Coronation and elsewhere, created new pages for Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise, Ayesha de Warwick, Alicia Blackdragon, Alexander Marcellus, Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza, Alix Tiberga of Aachen, Beatrix Alfraye, Wilhelm Von Buch. Updates to Vanessa de Verona.
  • 09/22/2012: Hosted an "Ansteorran Wiki Consultation Table" at Coronation. Spoke with populace members, answering their questions and providing mentoring on how to contribute content, what the wiki involves, etc.
  • 09/17/2012: Created a new page for Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
  • 09/15/2012: Hosted a "Ansteorran Wiki Consultation Table" at Mooneschadowe Triumphe. Spoke with populace members, answering their questions and providing mentoring on how to contribute content, what the wiki involves, etc. Collected a number of permission forms for new users.
  • 09/13/2012: Posted 8 Event Reviews by Ian Dun Gillan, after receiving his permission form. Sent email requesting contact from folks who had granted permission previously for repost to my personal site, to post their event reviews. With applicable permissions received, updated photo for Ian Dun Gillan & Kelandra Carmichael
  • 09/12/2012: Contacted some folks (Ian, Adalia, Theresa) about updating their wiki page with recent photos taken by Diarmuid. Contacted Ian about reposting his event reviews of Northern Region events. Contacted scribal community to ask for constitutions for two new awards.
  • 09/11/2012: Created Event Reviews by Zubeydah page, and subsequent 20+ event reviews. Worked with Elsa on categorizing, naming pages. At the invitation of their Chronicler, wrote an article for publication in the Bjornsborn newsletter about the wiki.
  • 09/10/2012: Sent out notification of Wiki Consultation at Mooneschadowe Triumphe. Began email correspondence with various folks about access, page creation, etc. Phone conference with Gregor MacDonald about creation of a persona info submission form and e-forms for permissions forms. Posted invite (followup to their web admin's email) on Weisenfeuer's email list about wiki participation.
  • 09/05/2012: Contacted autocrats for Mooneschadowe Triumphe and Coronation, about having a wiki Consult table at the events.
  • 09/04/2012: Sent follow up (reminder) emails to some folks from 'closed group' email to the Kingdom list back in May.
  • 07/24/2012: Worked with HE Orlando of Namron to try and get some cadet banner info posted; could not obtain permission forms from authors.
  • 06/01/2012: Attended Namron Games and provided permission forms and wiki questionnaires to interested parties.
  • 05/21/2012: Contacted autocrat of Crown Tournament for permission to host a Wiki Information table. Request declined by the Crown.
  • 05/15/2012: Contacted Shire of Shadowlands Historian asking for group information. No response.
  • 05/11/2012: created new page for Adena Terricsdottir.
  • 05/10/2012: Emailed Ansteorran list requesting info on first half of the defunct groups list, asking for information.
  • 05/07/2012: Minor typo cleanup and data adds. Sent initial contact emails to Rosenfeld, Elfsea, Dragonsfire Tor, Eldern Hills & Wiesenfeuer.
  • 02/24/2012: Added photos for Cat & Orlando, Elizabeth de Calais, Ulf, Danielle de Marseille, Burke, Annais, Yves, and Amadeo. Reformatted photos on Owen's page, uploaded Namron Arms & Achievement. Updated page for Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa, adding data and photo.
  • 02/19/2012: Added photos to pages for Ulrich, Caer, Ludo, JeanPaul, Elizabeth, and Lilliana.