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====Additional Registered Heraldry:====
====Additional Registered Heraldry:====
* Registered Badge: Per fess arched argent and azure, a fox's head sable, erased gules, gorged of a collar Or.<BR>
[[File:William Blackfox device.gif|left]]
[[File:William Blackfox device.gif|left]]
'''Registered Badge:''' Per fess arched argent and azure, a fox's head sable, erased gules, gorged of a collar Or.<BR>

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Registered Name: William Blackfox
Resides: In Memory
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
William Blackfox
William Blackfox Memorial Device.jpg
Barry wavy of ten argent and azure, an African lion passant erect playing a Scottish bagpipe proper within a bordure gules. Art by Rachel Ost, The Known World Memorial Shield Project

His Excellency, Master William Blackfox, OP

Previously Known As:
Nickname(s): Blackfox

Additional Registered Heraldry:

  • Registered Badge: Per fess arched argent and azure, a fox's head sable, erased gules, gorged of a collar Or.
William Blackfox device.gif


Persona History:



Timeline of Activity:

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Arthur Blackmoon

For those of you who never had the pleasure of knowing William Blackfox, he was an amazing man , talented in many fields, and he could always see the funny side of anything . I've been a manic depressive most of my life, but to be honest, I firmly believe that no one could be near Blackfox for more than a few minutes and still be depressed. William Blackfox was just that kind of person. I miss him still. : ( - Arthur Blackmoon, Barony of Northkeep

How William Blackfox Got Me To Court

Master Chidiock the Younger

The pipes are stilled, no longer will they sound,
To herald the beginning of a court,
No more with joy will revels now abound,
Nor will his voice of songs raise in support.

The quill laid down will not be used again,
To tell Warthaven's tale in simple frames,
No longer at his wit shall we all grin,
Nor smile at his parodies of names.

Such a great soul gone, in but a blink,
And we are left to mourn in sorrow deep,
And though to his fond memory I'll drink,
For now I can do nothing else but weep.

Oh William, it was too soon to depart,
We who remain will hold you in our hearts.

Why Blackfox Was Known as "Catkiller"

by Ragnar of Ragnar's Rock
Well, because he played the bagpipes. And when you don't play the bagpipes well at the beginning, everyone says, "oh, well, he's killing the cat." So anyway - Namron - out at the lake. 1980s. We're out there, and there's this huge mundane party across the lake that's got rock n roll music, and is just harshing the vibe. Messing with our medieval. So people started yelling, "Send down Catkiller!" So they send Blackfox down to the edge of the lake, and he just lets go. As loud as he can be. And before you know it, you hear from across the lake, "What the hell IS that?! Let's get out of here!" And the music stops, and you hear cars start up, and they leave. They'd been frightened away by the sound of him playing the bagpipes.

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Best known as the artist for Warthaven.
  • To honor his memory, the Office of the Society Chronicler sponsors the annual Master William Blackfox Awards to recognize excellence in the work of Chroniclers and newsletter contributors. In 2007, the award was extended to recognize SCA Websites.
  • See Also: Category:Blackfox Art]
  • Examples of his work can be seen in the Ansteorra XXX Anniversary historical display - Photos by Richard Threlkeld, all rights reserved.
  • Examples of his work can be seen by viewing the Wiki Category:Blackfox Art.

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:


Mundane Information:

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: