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The Barony of Wiesenfeuer is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and in the Northern Region of Ansteorra. It was originally known as Ebonfeurer[1].


The following People have sat the Baronial Thrones of Wiesenfeuer:

Frederick von Sternwald and Gwendylon of the Copper Beeches December 1990 - November 1992
Daniel Blackaxe and Mary Black Axe November 1992 - December 1994
Subodai Khasar and Arafel Annwn of Caerleon December 1994 - December 1997
Burke Kyriell MacDonald and Arafel Annwn of Caerleon December 1997 - February 1999
(Vicar) Rumil Fletcher and (Vicaress) Margaret Fletcher February 1999 - April 1999
Barn Silveraxe and Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn April 1999 - April 2002
Katrionna Heather MacLochlainn April 2002 - June 2003
Lucais du Belier June 2003 - September 2006
Elric Dracwin and Dominique Michelle LeVesseur September 2006 - April 2010
Cassius Domitius Lepus and Kajira Camber April 2010 - April 2013
(Vicar) Ciaran Mac Giolla Bhrighde & (Vicaress) Branislava Kirilova Volkova April 2013 - December 2013
Ciaran Mac Giolla Bhrighde and Branislava Kirilova Volkova December 2013 - April 2016
Valia of the Mists and Deirdre Ni' Raghailligh April 2016 - Current




  • The pass-down coat worn by the Wiesenfeuer Middle Eastern Drum Champion is a special relic of the Barony: It was worn by the much loved Lucais du Belier upon his Investiture as Baron.