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Ansteorra was formed in 1979, and even that year, there were discussions held about the Kingdom splitting into three Principalities. Conversations arose on a periodic basis for the next forty years, but it is generally agreed that there have been three major groundswellings of support for a principality in the Northern Region. This page will focus on the successful efforts in the Northern Region towards Principality, but the other Regional principality attempts are noted.

Pre-Principality Formation


Central and Southern Principality discussions - including heraldry, and comedic suggestions for names that turn out to have not-so-funny connotations - are held on the Kingdom Email list: (For reference, at that time, the Kingdom email list had 254 subscribers and there were over 360 posts on the topic in one month.)


Local Principality Discussion Gatherings are held throughout the Northern Region at events, including those held by Rundel and Wastelands.


The Northern Region Principality discussion continues on regional email lists.

  • February: Sir Burke Kyriel MacDonald sends the following message to all the Northern groups: "Greetings to the Northern Region of Ansteorra. As most of you know over the last six months I have been conducting a series of educational round tables on the issues of principality here in Northern Ansteorra. Throughout these discussions it became clear that there is a great deal of support for the idea of creating a formal principality committee here in the North. But because not everyone living in the North attended one of these discussions, there is no way to truly know if this is the majority opinion of the populace in the North. To this end I have spoken at length with Their Majesties (both past and present) and the Kingdom Seneschal, Master Richard and I have proposed conducting an opinion poll of the people in the north to see if there truly is enough interest to start a more formal process. Both the Crown and Master Richard have no objections as long as the process is conducted in a fair and open manner. To make sure that the survey is fair and open, I have asked Countess Vanessa de Verona and Master Lucais du Belier to be the other members of the survey review committee, this should address any questions as to the validity and fairness of the survey. I have also set the closing date of the survey for the end of March to give everyone a fair chance to participate if they want to. The survey is available for anyone living in Northern Ansteorra and is not restricted to paid members only. When the survey date closes the survey review committee will meet and prepare a report of the results that will be made available to everyone. It should be stressed that this is NOT the formal poll that would be conducted to create a Principality, but is an opinion poll to see if there is enough interest to start a more formal process. I have sent copies of the survey to all of the local seneschal's of the Northern region and have asked their help in distributing them. I will also be making the survey available for download through a web page I hope to have up early this week. I ask that everyone who lives in the North and is interested to seek out a copy of the survey and fill it out if you wish. Finished surveys can be given to any of the survey review committee members, your local seneschal, or mailed to Master Lucais du Belier. Please fill out only one survey each, so that we can get a true representation of the populace's feelings in the results. If anyone has any questions please email me or post them to this list and I will try and answer them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your time. - Baron Sir Burke Kyriell Mac Donald, OP"
  • March: Reminders are sent about the Polling that is ongoing.
  • April: Sir Burke provides an update on the tabulation of the Poll. A large packet from Northkeep is missing. Their Excellencies Northkeep declare a date for a second Northkeep polling to take place, to recreate the ballots.
  • May: Sigen Northkeep posts the results of the April Northkeep Re-Polling.
  • July: Sir Burke publishes the results of the Polling that took place earlier that year.
The breakouts of the questions are as follows: 
Question 1: Form a Sovereign Principality - Yes: 141 (73.44%) / No: 49 (25.52%) / Blank Vote: 2 (1.4%). 
Question 2: Form a Crown Principality - Yes: 116 (60.41%), No: 71 (36.97%), Blank: 5 (2.62%). 
Question 3: Name and Device - Yes: 157 (81.77%), No: 33 (17.19%), Blank: 2 (1.04%). 
174 surveys were returned signed. 18 were unsigned. 152 paid members voted. 
40 non members voted. Groups participating in the poll include: Brad Leah, Eldern Hills, Mooneschadowe, Namron, Northkeep, Rundel, Wastelands, and Wiesenfeur.


Another major discussion of multiple principalities within the Kingdom occurs on the Ansteorra email discussion list in April, spanning some 90+ emails, on topics such as filling officer roles, recruitment, calendar overcrowding, continued loyalty to the parent Kingdom, etc.


  • July: A thread of 235 comments is held on the Ansteorra Facebook group regarding Principality in various regions.


  • July: Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe takes the role of Regional Seneschal, and, based on dialogue with populace members, begins discussing Polling, and creates a widely distributed Principality Polling FAQ document. Over the course of the next six months, he travels to each and every group in the Region, at least once if not more, to discuss the history and challenges and process around Principality and polling.
  • October: Adlersruhe and Northkeep conduct a Principality Polling.
  • November: Myrgenfeld, Wiesenfeuer, Mooneschadowe, Eldern Hills, Wyldewode, Skorragarrdr, Chemin Noir, Brad Leah, and Haldtre hold Principality Polling meetings. Discussions are held in various Facebook groups.
  • December: Namron conducts its Principality Polling. On the 13th, Ainar (Kingdom Seneshal) announces that the polling is complete, and by overwhelming majority (87%), the vote was Yes. He lays out the next few steps. Emma de Fetherstan announces that Ainar has asked her to head up the effort to determine a name and device for the Principality. She announces a Google Form by which individuals can submit their preferences. ( Dec 27: Ainar provides an update on Principality process: Creation of a registerable name and device, create a framework for Principality Law, select a date range for the first Coronet tourney, and creation of an initial exploratory packet for the Board of Directors. The packet reviewed and suggestions made for additional items needed. Charles reaches out to Zubeydah and asks her to begin compiling a Chronology of the Region.


  • January 19: Mistress Emma de Fetherstan posts the results of the Name and Device polling, and the efforts of the Heraldic team. A ranked-choice polling will be conducted the following week.
  • The Chronology of the Northern Region reaches 916 entries.
  • The name Vindheim is chosen for a list of 10 names that were in compliance with SCA conventions and without conflict.
  • The device, "Quarterly sable and gules, a laurel wreath and in chief three mullets of six points Or" is selected from a list of 10 devices in compliance with SCA conventions and without conflict. (A number of heraldic elements were not included, based on prior association with Principality efforts or significant households, such as a gryphon, a winged horse, or a wolf.)
  • Focus groups are built, to begin discussing the proposed laws and financial policies.
  • In July, Master Ainar holds an open discussion about the proposed Principality at Round Table.
  • December: The name and device of the Principality passes.


  • February: A secondary Polling is held by the Northern Regional Seneschal, Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe, to give additional opportunity for feedback to those who did not participate in the prior polling "Following individual concerns and in effort to continue to ensure that everyone who lives in the Northern Region gets a chance to be heard, we are reopening polling for a two-week window. The question is to indicate whether you support the Northern Region becoming a Principality. This polling is only open to those who meet the following requirements: 1) Did not participate in the last Principality polling that ended in December 2018. 2) Currently have permanent residence within the zip codes of the Northern Region of Ansteorra. 3) Are at least 18 years of age. 4) Ballot is received by midnight, February 24th, 2020. Any ballots received that do not meet the above requirements will be discarded. All ballots will be checked with the previous polling to ensure that no person has repeated entries. If you were not yet participating in the SCA or Region during the time of the last polling, you have the right to submit to this polling. Membership in the SCA is not required. Please send the attached ballot to the following email address: If unable to fill the ballot and digitize it, please send a written answer to the question indicating Yes or No and be sure to include your Legal Name, SCA Name, Membership Number (if applicab
  • COVID hits, and much of the business of the Kingdom comes to a halt.
  • June: First draft of Principality proposal sent to Society. This draft was returned for further work.
  • August: The Northern Regional Seneschal sends out a request for bids for the Proposed Principality Regalia:
In the event of recognition and advancement culminating with the Coronet Tournament, our first Princess and Prince will need Regalia and other sundry items necessary for their execution of office. This is a call for Regalia proposals from artisans. Asking for proposals does not guarantee that it will be made, or that the Principality will even happen. Proposals will be due September 12th, 2020. Please submit all proposals to
· One set of “fancy” court level Coronets:  Must meet Ansteorra Sumptuary Laws. Able to fit a majority of head sizes. Made of practical, easily repairable materials and coatings. 
· One set of “field” Coronets.: Must meet Ansteorra Sumptuary Laws. Must be relatively lightweight and comfortable.  Able to fit a majority of head sizes. Should be durable.
· One set of Thrones: Must be diminutive in stature to the Ansteorra Royal Thrones. Must be able to be easily taken apart for transport. Must be easy to lift and move. Made of durable, repairable materials.
· Two kneeling benches/pillows.: Made to enhance accessibility of the populace in kneeling or sitting in front of the Coronet. Preferably designed in principal much like a garden kneeler.
· Two tabards displaying the Principality Arms for the Prince and Princess. : Must meet the heraldic standards for signifying the Coronet and differentiating the Prince and Princess. Must be a one size fits most pattern. Must be made of durable materials to withstand use on the field of battle.  Must be machine washable.
· One Heraldic Tabard displaying the Principality Arms: Must be a one size fits most pattern. Must be able to absorb tears.
· One Heraldic Book displaying the Principality Arms:  Must be able to hold and protect a 12”x18” sheet of paper. Needs to look official.
· One Sword of State:  Must be practical in size for transport. Provide a scabbard and method for attachment.
· Two Largess Boxes:  Prefer that they be just big enough to fit most award scrolls and also have room for insignia and small pieces of largess. e.g. 18”x12”x10”. Must be durable.  Must not look inviting to sit upon. 
· One banner displaying the Principality Arms:  Must be colorfast. Must be able to easily mount to a variety of walls or pavilions.
· One Pennant:  Must be able to withstand the winds of Gulfnado. Must be colorfast. Must be able to flap in a moderate breeze.
· Any other overlooked item that you feel is essential to the Proposed Principality.:  Must provide a very good reason why the item is needed.  Must not make any future Chamberlain wish that this item never existed.
All submitted proposals should address the following items explicitly: 
· How closely it matches the requested performance requirements. 
· Working sketches of what the finished product should look like. 
· Any relevant dimensions or weights. 
· Examples of artist’s previous works in the same medium as proposed fabrication.  
· Estimate the durability of the item. 
· Estimated time needed to complete the project. 
· A statement on any required care and maintenance. 
· Any relevant documentation of historical sources that inspired the design. 
· Any needed funds to help offset production cost. 
· Location of manufacture and artist’s relation to the Region. 
· Any easily overlooked or novel features of the design. 
· How much of the general populace will be able to contribute to the making of the item. 
· Primary artist’s contact information.
After the call for proposals has been sent, a committee consisting of Five Northern Regional Officers (Tentatively the Seneschal, Herald, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Exchequer, and the Chronicler). They will review the proposals and choose the ones that best meets the requirements.  If the Principality petition is accepted by the BoD, the artists will be contacted, and commencement of work will begin. Date of item delivery will be set to the weekend before the initial Coronet Tournament. Although the specific dates when this might happen is still very unknown, I expect a minimum period of performance of 3 months, if not much longer.  
I look forward to seeking the talent and love from the artists of the Northern Region and our close friends.
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
Northern Regional Seneschal

  • September: Charles provides the following update: "As of now, we have received proposals for thrones, kneeling benches, the herald book, sword, and largess boxes. We also received an unlisted proposal for drinking mugs. In my opinion, the submittals we have received have been excellent and exciting. The committee will have a hard time choosing the artists. We have not received proposals for coronets, tabards, banners, or pennants as requested. As such, the submission period for these items will be further extended for 2 weeks and will close on October 9th, 2020. Please submit all proposals to During this time, expect me to start reaching out and motivating local artists by any means necessary."


Principality Formation


File:Principality of Vindheim Formation Proposal.pdf. (See Also:

  • April 18: The SCA Board of Directors unanimously votes to confirm the creation of the Incipient Principality of Vindheim.
  • December 11: The Premier Coronet Tourney for Vindheim is hosted by the Province of Mooneschadowe and held in El Reno, Oklahoma. Event Stewards: Diana de Blyth, Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe. Staff: Gate Coordinator: Elsa von Snackenburg, COVIDSafe Proof Checkpoint: Mikjall Stoti, Site/List Herald: Thomas de Groet, Photography Steward: Theodore Fruechting von Elblag, Feast/Sideboard Steward: Sabine Lefevre d’Armagnac and Deputy: Isabella Coppola, Marshal in Charge: Hrafn Olafsson, Social Media/Live Stream Steward: Marjorie Heron, Royal Liaison: Koia Karasova, Site Setup/Pavilions Coordinator: Rafe Slater, Decoration Coordinator: Margherita de Mantua, Caterina Giovanni di Gilead, Minister of the List: Nicaize Maupetit, Sanitation: Caius Flavius Valens. 29 pairs of entrants joined the list, along with a destructive bye: Jean Paul de Sens for Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise, Daffydd White Aker for Octavia de Verdon, Romanius Scipio Vesperianus for Deanna della Penna, Micolay Haiduk for Uliana Haiduk, Cyrus Logisson (Cassius Lepus) for Kajira Camber, William Cameron deBlakstan for Marguerite Dinard, Geoffrey de Gourney for Adalia Vondem Berg, Uriangqadi Cinojin for Adria Lorelle, Andrew Turnbull for Kyna Terricsdottir, Aldric de Kerr for Meadhbh inghean Rois, Damon Xanthus for Megan Flower del Wal., Thomas Bernhardt for Gwenllian verch Madyn, Wulfgard Martel for Runa Bjarnardottir, Michall Morison for Dyrfinna Mikaelsdottir, Harold Graybear for Raisa, Ludeweicus von Liechtenstein for Úallach inghean Uí Dhubhshláine, Turpin Tyme for Nalka Um Al-Jafna, William du Lac for Lima of Mooneschadowe, Alexandre Crane for Yzabeau Brossier, Finnr Jorgenson for Mor Inghean Ricart, Godfrey of Del for Genevria de Betto Deandriano, Set Sette for Elsa Schemmer von Snackenburg, Oddr Marsson for Sam Bramall-Davenport, Hari Kjelsen for Chiaretta , a Sanseverni, Titus Marius Maxillanus for Cera ingen Fháeláin, Siaua thugatêr Karsou for Aubrey Ericsdatter, Karl Hungus for Thelia Yildiz, Ulfr Gyldtr for Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha, Ivo Baller for Elizabeth Brewer. After several rounds of combat, it came down to a final three: Hari Kjelsen, Romanius Vesperianus, and Michall Morison. Romanius proved victorious, placing the crown on his beloved Deanna della Penna's head. Visiting us from afar were Her Majesty, Queen Nerissa Della Badessa of the Outlands, and His Majesty, James the Holy of Gleann Abhann, along with their respective vanguards.
  • December 18: The Barony of Wiesenfeuer, with just one week's notice, pivots and adapts to an outdoor Yule, so that they can host the first Princess' Rapier championship for Vindheim. Marcus von Furth is the victor.


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