Vindheim Firsts

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For the delight of trivia lovers everywhere, this page notes the 'firsts' of the (Incipient) Principality of Vindheim.

05/01/2021: The Barony of Namron hosts the FIRST (VIRTUAL) EVENT held in the (then Incipient) Principality of Vindheim: "Beltane 2021: Let's Go Outside!" which is a virtual event. It includes a Carriage Karaoke contest, classes (some include Making a Flower Crown, Medieval Stargazing, Building and Using a Flower Press, and Battledore and Shuttledock), spang hewing, and a Great Pilgrimage. The final Virtual Court of the 83rd Crown of Ansteorra is held.
05/01/2021: The first Pelican of the Incipient Principality is elevated: Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair.

12/11/2021: Romanius Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna became the first Prince & Princess of the Principality of Vindheim!
12/11/2021: Jeanne Marie la Verriere and Gwenllian verch Madyn were the first to be announced for the Order of the Laurel.
12/11/2021: Andrew Turnbull was the first to be announced for the Order of Chivalry.
12/11/2021: Wulfgard Martel was the first to be knighted in Vindheim.
12/11/2021: Siaua thugatêr Karsou is the first woman to enter a Vindheim Coronet list. (Others had planned and trained to enter but were sidelined by injury)

12/18/2021: Marcus von Furth becomes the first Champion of the Principality, winning the Princess' Blade Tournament held at Wiesenfeuer Yule.
12/18/2021: Ivo Blackhawk is granted a Sable Talon by their Majesties, presented by their Highnesses, and is the first award given by Their hands in the Principality.
12/18/2021: Zubeydah is the first Peer to swear personal Fealty to Their Highnesses and to the Principality, and through Them, to Their Majesties Ansteorra.