Vindheim Awards, Orders, and Honors

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Vindheim Awards Listing, Ansteorra OP

Award or Order Created by Date of Creation Area of Acknowledgement Premier Member
Order of the Silver Fountain Romanius & Deanna April 16, 2022 "The Order of the Silver Fountain. These people are recognized for using performance art to serve the people around them. Whether they're musicians who lend to the ambiance, or singers, or bards, or heralds who are crying site/announcing pairings/introducing a procession/making court happen--- these are the people whose public performances make our day better." Owen ap Aeddan
Order of the Wellspring Romanius & Deanna April 16, 2022 "Just as performance arts tend to be very public, there are artists who use art in a far more private way in order to benefit everyone around them. These are the people we rely on to be an endless source of all-the-things in terms of artistry. Whether they're the scribal teams who spend hundreds of hours making sure we have amazing scrolls to commemorate events, or whether they're the woodworkers who build things, or the bannermakers, or the jewelers and metalsmiths, or the people who generously open their homes and lend their skill to make sure everyone is well-dressed, or the armorers whose workshops are always open--- these are the people who serve via their art." Zubeydah
The Order of the Crimson Bowl Romanius & Deanna April 16, 2022 "This order is our friendship award, recognizing those who do not currently reside within our zip codes, but whose love, dedication, and service make them truly one of us in spirit. This recognizes the depth of that service, extending the bowl of friendship and inviting them to be part of our Vindheim family. It comes with certain privileges connected to it--- giving them the right to have their voices heard when the Vindheim populace is polled on their opinions, as well as allowing them the right to compete for ceremonial championships. Because it comes with some very special privileges, this one is restricted to a maximum of two new members per Coronet reign." Aesoph Hearts & Michelle Chantal de Charente
Award of the Crimson Firebolt Romanius & Deanna April 30, 2022 "So often, when members of the populace are recognized for their accomplishments, it is a matter of, "Word has reached us that..." or "We have been told..." For the Crimson Firebolt, this is an award commemorative of a martial event of excellence that the Coronet has personally witnessed. "Earlier today, I saw..." It might be an individual performing at a level that is beyond their actual skill. It might be a mighty deed that changed the course of events. It might be an amazing moment at War. Whatever it is--- it's unexpected and unpredictable and sudden, like a bolt of lightning out of the sky, but is worthy of being honored and recognized." Sævarr Máni
Order of the Bastion of Vindheim Romanius & Deanna April 30, 2022 "As you know, a bastion is a part of a fortification that helps strengthen a defensive wall. The members of the Order are pillars of Vindheim. If they were to be absent, the Principality would be left with a huge void. The Coronet may appoint no more than one member per reign. Membership in the Order comes with a task: to continue to work together for the betterment of the Principality. Their grass roots involvement and experience allows them to give informed counsel to the Coronet. The continuity of their presence and efforts helps keep the Principality healthy at the local level." Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
Order of the Golden Comb of Vindheim Romanius & Deanna April 30, 2022 "If you know about bees, you understand that a honey bee's lifespan is only a month or two. When bees are collecting nectar in the spring, it's for the benefit of future generations of bees that don't yet exist, and they will never see. With a youth order, we wanted to evoke that feeling of the passage of time. The youth of Vindheim who excel as minors, even despite the limitations of their age and circumstances--- we expect them to continue to excel as they grow into their majority. With an order, you are admitted once... but even though only youth are admitted, you never age out. It is fully our expectation that, someday, during court, when the newest member is welcomed into the Order, everyone will be able to look around and realize that amongst the Knights and the MODs, the Laurels and the Pelicans, the Landeds and perhaps even the Crown or the Coronet at the time... that amongst their ranks are so many members of the Order of the Golden Comb of Vindheim welcoming a new youth with the promise of the future into their midst." Brendan Isaacson & Patrick Isaacson
Order of the Golden Dove Romanius & Deanna Announced May 13, 2022 "As you are aware, the Territorial Princesses of Ansteorra were granted membership in Atenveldt's Order of the Dove after successfully completing their time as Territorial Princess and becoming Viscountesses. The Order was closed in Ansteorra when we became a Kingdom.

Now that Ansteorra has its own Principality, it was important to us to draw awareness to those roots and tap into that continuity. However, the Doves belonged to Atenveldt. The Order had been closed and we weren't able to adopt or resurrect it. Instead, Vindheim's order for its Viscountesses (former Consorts) is the Order of the Golden Dove.

The badge for this order is: a panache of five feathers, or, gules, or, sable, and or, emergent from a coronet of twelve lobes.

The feathers are the Viscountesses. We look forward to the day when Vindheim is full of amazing, capable people who have served Vindheim as its Territorial Princess. (Or otherwise been a Consort.)

You might expect the feathers for a "golden dove" to be all gold. The feathers are not all homogeneous, but they are all in Vindheim's colors. Each of the members will have served Vindheim and will continue to serve Vindheim, each in their own way, bringing their own strengths to the table.

A panache of feathers is a unified group, just as we expect the Doves to accomplish more for Vindheim as a cohesive group than they could as isolated individuals. And they're surrounded by a Viscounty coronet, calling to mind that they have each faithfully served the Principality.

Right now, the Order is empty. As the Order grows, I look forward to seeing how the theme develops and traditions evolve. But even more so-- I look forward to seeing the Order itself develop into another group of amazing people who love the Principality and work tirelessly for its good."

Deanna della Penna
Award of the Clavis of Vindheim Romanius & Deanna June 18, 2022 "Clavis is Latin for key, and the key represents the trust and confidence of the Coronet. Each Coronet gifts their own key, somehow unique/identifiable to them as a token of gratitude, and the recipient carries the key in the future as a visible sign of the gratitude of that particular Coronet for their service and support. These are the people who take an entourage shift at an event, attend the Coronet, help with set-up and tear-down, and otherwise take time out of their event to personally help the Coronet with all the practicalities of the day."
Award of the Clavis Clavium of Vindheim Romanius & Deanna June 18, 2022 "This is Latin for "key of keys", and the holders of these also carry the token of a key that is somehow unique/identifiable to each Coronet. These keys are to be somehow fancier or more elaborate than the Clavis keys from the same reign. The Clavis Clavium are tokens of gratitude from the Coronet to their core entourage-- the ones who spent countless hours behind-the-scenes, the ones who went above and beyond, the entourage whose counsel, moral support, discretion, energy, and extensive personal service were critical to the success of that particular Coronet."