Vindheim 4th Coronet Tourney

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Event Details

Location: Payne County Expo Center: 4518 Expo Cir E, Stillwater, OK 74075

Event Staff

Hosting Group: Marata
Event Steward: Nalkah umm al-Jafnā & Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
Lunch Tavern: Diana de Blyth
Site/List Herald In Charge: Taidhgin O'Quin
Youth Activities: Liadan of Patrin-Or
Minister of the List: Michelle Chantal de Charente
Sanitation: Úna of Marata
Social Media/Live Stream Steward: Koia Karasova
Gate Coordinator: Sainte du Bois
Marshal in Charge: Damon Xanthus


8:00 : Site Opens. Gate Opens.
8:30 : Setup for Vindheim Table Decor and Banner Competition Opens
9:00 : Morning Court | Consort Social After Morning Court | Armour Inspection immediately after Morning Court
9:30 : Setup for Vindheim Table Decor and Banner Competition Closes (Judging to occur at their Highnesses’ pleasure afterwards)
10:00: Procession of Fighters and Consorts. Tournament immediately after Procession | MOC Activities to begin
11:00: Gate Closes 12:00: Lunch Tavern Opens | MOC Break for lunch
1:00 : Rapier Inspections. | Greater Officers and Crown meeting with Incoming Prince and Princess
1:30 : Vindheim Rapier Champion Tournament. White Scarf Circle immediately after Rapier Tournament
2:30 : Vindheim Armored Champion Tournament
3:30 : MOC Activities End
5:00 : Evening Court
7:00 : Site Closes

Children's Events Schedule

10-11am: Make a marionette
11-12pm: Mini Medieval Gardens
12-1:30 lunch
1:30 - 2:30 Waterbearing
2:30-3:30 pm Dressage class and Hobby Horse Dressage Show.
3:30 Children's Activities End
Please, let the MoCs know that you will be joining us for all the fun so we can be sure we have enough supplies for everyone.

Coronet List Announcement

Greetings unto the Principality of Vindheim! I bring you wondrous news this day. We now have a list of those who will be competing for the right and honor to become the next Coronet of Vindheim. The following list, in alphabetical order based on the fighter, are the names of the fighters along with their Consort that will be taking the field on June 17th for this great tournament!

Who will be the victor and win the right to become Coronet? Come to The Coronet Tourney on June 17th and witness this great event!
In Service to the Dream,
Sir Vincenti da Murano
Deputy Seneschal
Principality of Vindheim

Combat Format

Youth Activities

Additional Activities

  • Table Setting & Banner Competition hosted by Zubeydah Hanim: One of the governing principles of our initial Principality Law was an effort to minimize the property of the Principality itself, so as to ease the burden on our Coronet of transporting All The Stuff. Decentralizing the Bling, so to speak. (Not everyone has a massive vehicle capable of towing, and that shouldn't be a barrier to serving as Prince or Princess!) To support that goal, with the consent of Their Highnesses, I hereby issue a challenge to all of the groups of Vindheim. Craft a set of table linens and decorations or banners, to be retained by your group, and available for use by Their Serene Highnesses when they visit your lands. Of course, there's no such thing as "too much" when it comes to pageantry - so feel free to go over the top! At our next Coronet Tourney to be held in on June 17th, with the kind consent and support of the Event Stewards, I will host a small competition. Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Ridings and Provinces -- Bring forth forth and display this Principality décor, that the assembled populace can see your group's support for our Coronet. Each group will have access to a full-sized table on which to display their linens - banner poles will not be provided, however - please come prepared to display your banner in the manner best fit to its design. A prize crafted by my hands will be given for the most aesthetically pleasing set of linens and the most delightful banner.

Guests of Honor

Media and Memories


Championship Tournament Formats