Vindheim 3rd Coronet Tourney

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Event Details

The Shire of Brad Leah welcomes you all to the Vindheim Winter Coronet Tournament! We are excited to offer our hospitality to you all!

The event will be held in the JS Bridwell Agricultural Center, a fully enclosed, heated rodeo arena. Indoor restrooms will be available. The site is ADA-compliant, and Service Dogs are welcome.

Site opens at 7AM for pavilion set-up.
Gate opens at 7AM.
Site closes at 8PM.

Pre-registration link:

Costs: Adult Event Registration: $20, Adult Member Event Discount Registration: $15
17 and under: Free – Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
They may also attend with a 21-year-old or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver from the parents.
Make checks payable to: SCA Inc/Shire of Brad Leah

Service Dogs are welcome. Only Service Dogs are permitted at Gate.

The site is dry and has a strict policy on no outside food or drinks, so Brad Leah will be providing water and Gatorade for fighters, and water for the populace.

A lunch concession stand will be available for those who wish to eat on site. There are also several nearby eating establishments, addresses for which will be provided to the populace at Gate. Please remember that no outside food or drink can be brought in.

Event Staff

Hosting Group: Shire of Brad Leah
Event Steward: HL Sorcha McCullogh
Site/List Herald In Charge: Lady Elena d'Arcy
Site Setup/Pavilions Coordinator: Mistress Marguerite Dinard
Merchant Coordination: HL Villana Palazolo & Lady RoseMarie
Youth Activities: HL Liaden of Patrin Or
Populace Support: Lord Thomas Westleigh and Lord Diarmuid Map Brian Minister of the List: Mistress Emma de Featherstan
Sanitation: Lord Thomas Westleigh
Social Media/Live Stream Steward: Lady Koia Karasova and HL Sorcha McCullogh
Gate Coordinator: Lady Rose Marie of Raven's Rest
Marshal in Charge: Vindheim Earl Marshal, Centurion Damon Xanthus. Lord Sean mac Daniel assisting
Royal Liaison: HL Sorcha McCullogh

Coronet List Announcement

Combat Format

Waes Hael Kinsfolk!

Herein lies the format of the 3rd Coronet list, to be held on December 10th, 2022 in the Shire of Brad Leah.

The list will contain 2 parts.

The first part will be determined by the number of entrants. If there are less than 10 entrants it will be a round-robin (e.g. everyone will fight all other opponents) with a prescribed weapon style each round. If there are more than 10 entrants, the first round will instead be a 6 round event, with prescribed weapons for each round.

The weapon styles used in the first round will be:

  • Great Sword
  • Polearm
  • Six Foot Spear
  • 2 Handed Axe
  • Sword and Shield
  • Fighter's Choice

All bouts during the first part will be single pass, with double-kills being re-fought until a single winner emerges.

The second part will be a single elimination tournament, fighter's choice weapons, and each bout will be a best 3 of 5 passes. The number of combatants will be the closest power of 2 number of fighters composing half of the total number of combatants in the first round.

If necessary, a single pass might be fought if there are ties from the first part in order to advance to the second part.

-- Their Sanguine Highnesses
Jean Paul and Gilyan

Youth Activities

Children's Activities - lead by a coalition including Liadan of Patrin Or, Muirenn Nia Ingen Nathi, Emma O'Ruairc, Dairmuid Map Brain, and Sainte du Bois. Following with the Vindheim Bee theme The MoC's planned the children's activities in 3 sections: Bee Strong, Bee Creative, and Bee of Service.

In the Bee Strong category, the children could show their strength and agility through a selection of fun group games such as Heraldic Twister (a game that teaches heraldic colors and directions), The Heraldic Stances game( a game that teaches the different stances for charges on heraldic devices), Game of Graces (a stick and hoop game that teaches agility),and Tug of war ( cooperation).

For Bee Creative, the children will create Bee themed projects. They can create Rolled Beeswax candles, and Bee themed mosaic coasters as well as Embroidered mug covers.

To earn their Bee of Service the children will be helping out in the Waterbearing pavilion, making sure our fighters stay hydrated during the tournaments.

Each child will earn a Red tassel for each group game they participate in, a Yellow tassel for each time they volunteer at the Waterbearing pavilion, and a Black tassel for each creative project they complete.

Additional Activities

Guests of Honor

Media and Memories


Championship Tournament Formats

The following formats will be used, depending upon who emerges victorious at the end of the day. Posted in order signed up.

Sir Eadwulf and Mistress Kyna

Mistress Kyna she is most interested in what those who vie to be her champion see as their worst style. So single elim, 2 of 3 fights, bring your worst.
Sir EadWulf believes his decision will be based upon the number of entrants. More than 6 triggers a speed tournament of the Atlantian style. Less than 6 a round robin bring your best

Bahadur Uriangqadai Cinoajin, and Mistress Adrianna Lorelle

Bahadur Uriagnqadai wants the chivalric tournament to determine our champion will be in a 10 foot square. The weapons style will be single sword, best 2 out of 3 and 3 counted blows
Mistress Adria will have a round Robin tournament and the finals will be best 2 out of 3 and changing weapon styles with each round.

HE Aldric de Kerr and HE Meadhbh ingheanRois

HE Aldric and HE Meadhbh would both like to hold a swiss five, non repeating weapons format with a potential "theme" to be announced that day.

Sir Vicenti de Murano and Duchess Margherita

Sir Vicenti will run will be a Diamond style tourney and all residents of Vindheim will be invited to compete. Tourney will be for 20 or 30 min, depending on the number of fighters. Those that do not want to compete will be able to drop out. The top 4 or 8 of the remaining will go into a single elimination Tourney.

Her Grace Margherita will be running a Swiss 5 Tourney with the top 4 advancing to a single elimination tourney.

Count Daffyd and Countess Octavia

Count Daffyd will hold a 30 min bearpit with polearms to be the weapons.
Countess Octavia will hold a tournament best 2 out of 3 fighters choice.

Centurion Michall "Micauley" Morison and Mistress Caterina Giovanni

Centurion Michall will hold a Bear-pit style tournament, wounds retaining, with three rounds: Single-sword, two-weapon, and sword and shield. He also wants to heavily encourage the participation of our fighters that are members of the Chivalry, and intend to preserve Their Sanguine Highnesses practice of having a champion for prowess as well as a champion based on their conduct in the tournament so that they might be a source of wisdom when needed.

Mistress Caterina will conduct a Swiss five style tournament for her princess’s champion.

Maestro Orlando Giovanni and HL Darian de Shameless

Maestro Orlando’s tournament will proceed thusly:
All errants assemble.
Round 1 the current champion challenges one of the entrants (champions choice of weapon)
Round 2 the challenged entrant challenge’s another entrant (challengers choice of weapon)
Round 3-? Same as round 2. No entrant can be challenged twice . All entrants must watch all fights.
Once all entrants have fought, they will each be polled (secretly) for the name of another entrant who they believe showed the finest combination of prowess and chivalry on the field. The current champion is ineligible, and an entrant May not select themselves.
Using the results of the polling and our best judgement we would select the next champion. The polling would NOT be published.
Modifications would need to be made in the event the turnout is too large or too small but with a similar polling concept.

HL Darian will run a modified Swiss five.
Round 1 Is single sword
Round 2 is sword and dagger
Round 3 is cloak and dagger
Round 4 is spear & shield
Round 5 is bring your best.
All Rounds would be best two out of three. Double kills are refought until someone wins. Should there not be a clear winner after the five rounds, the fighters that where tied would move on to a bring your best counted blows to five hits best two out of three.
In Round 4 if a fighter is not Authorized to fight spear they would instead fight case.

Centurion Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka and Lady Emmelina de Medelande

We have an exciting plan for our Armored Champions Tourney, should we win, would be as follows:
First Round - Two Handed Weapon - Bear Pit
Top four advance to final round
Final round - Bracketed Bastard Sword tournament to the end

For our Rapier Tournament
First Round - Swiss five - Single Rapier, Rapier & Buckle, Case, Florentine, Rapier Spear
Depending on number of entrants, top four advance to final round
Final round - Dagger and cape tournament to the end

Sir Kyrus and Mistress Kajira

If we are victorious, we will host a rapier bear pit with sword and dagger or single sword with no shields and choose from the combatants, and we will host a chivalric bear pit, no hammers, no Choppas, no shields. During both, the combatants will have 10 seconds, or both have a loss and be removed. The bear pits will run one after the other and be 20 minutes each.

Sir Geoffrey de Gournay and Mistress Adalia VondemBerg

Chivalric is 20 minute bear pit with hand-and-a-half weapons or bigger.
Rapier is a Round Robin (matched weapons) with a twist. If your combatant is higher ranked than you in Rapier Combat ( Talon for Rapier, BOM, Don, or MOD), your win is worth two points - else its worth one. Most points wins. If tiebreaker needed, best two of three my choice of weapon style.

Centurion Alexandre Crane and HL Yzabeau Brossier

As requested, should I take the day, my intent will be for the title of Prince's Champion to not only be earned by martial prowess and command ability, but by the support of each combatant's fellows-in-arms; three qualities I would seek for my champion.

As such, each person wishing to compete to serve as my Prince's Champion will be placed on a tournament style bracket, built at random, then be released to recruit a squad of combatants who would lend them both their emotional and martial support to see them chosen as the next Prince's Champion of Vindheim in best-of-three, single elimination rounds.

The size limit, if any, of each team for the rounds will be decided based on the number of available combatants, with no size limit for the final round.

At the end of each step of the bracket, those who were eliminated, as well as their teams, will be released and free to select a new person from the remaining combatants to give their support to until only two combatants and their melee teams remain.

Yzbaeau has stated that the Rapier Championship she would like to see will also be primarily melees based to illustrate both their personal skill at arms, as well as their leadership ability.

The tournament will be blind drawn pairings and double elimination. Each combatant will be allotted five points to build a team, assigned by awarded rank in Rapier combat, which the entrant themselves does not count toward:
Masters of Defense - 4 Points
Blade of Merit - 3 Points
Sable Talon - 2 Points
All other fighters - 1 Point

Should a large number of entrants come forward, a choice will be presented to the combatants to either proceed and fight on multiple teams to support their fellow Vindhomies or to shift to an alternate tournament style, as follows: Randomized Draw, Single Elimination, standard pairings format. Combatants are free to choose their arms but may not repeat fighting styles until all have been used out of the following choices:
Single Rapier, Two Weapon, Weapon and Cloak, Weapon and Rigid Parry, and Single Dagger.
Finals will be bring your best weapon style.

Centurion Cadmus Lochagus and Lady Valencia

For chivalric champion: a number of rounds to be determined by number of entrants, pairings made by challenge in reverse order of presidence. Bouts to be best two passes of three, with doubles refought. Fought in the following styles by round, until the list is reduced to four combatants. Round 1 single sword, 2 greatsword, 3 Florentine, 4 pole arm, 5 6' spear. The semi and final rounds to be combatants choice of arms, best two passes of three with doubles refought.

For Rapier champion: a number of rounds to be determined by number of entrants, pairings made by challenge in reverse order of precedence. Bouts to be best two passes of three, with doubles refought. Fought in the following styles by round, until the list is reduced to four combatants. Round 1 single sword, 2 sword and dagger, 3 two handed longsword, 4 sword and non-lethal offhand parry , 5 rapier spear. The semi and final rounds to be combatants choice of arms 2 bouts of three with doubles refought.

Centurion Charles the Grey and Mistress Elsa von Snackenburg

The format for Chivalric will be a single elimination, best 2 of 3, spear only tournament.
The format for Rapier will be a single elimination, best 2 of 3, spear only tournament.

Centurion Set and Armiger Gael

Chivalric: An axe to grind format
Fighter must wield a 5ft axe in one hand. Any other weapon may be used in the other hand but the fighter must have two weapons( an off hand shield is also acceptable)
Rapier: 6 ft rapier spear.
All fights are best 2/3, single elimination, destructive bye.