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You know that Steppes and the Steppes go to the same page right? :)

It only makes sense for each branch to have only one branch page in the Wiki, and for that branch page to use the current official branch name. (Otherwise, we'd end up with little disconnected bits and pieces of the history of at least some of them, instead of contiguous, clearly worded stories.) But many branches have had more than one name over the course of their existence and the names of others are often misspelled in specific ways, so I've been establishing redirect pages to ensure that somebody looking for information on a branch using an obsolete or just plain wrong name will have no trouble finding the correct page. Thus, if you go to "Paiscumbre", for instance, you'll be redirected to the page for Bryn Gwlad, and if you go to "Steppes" (which is not the name of a branch in Ansteorra) you'll be directed to the page for the Steppes (which is).

While I'm glad your editing pages I have edited - by only changing the Steppes to the Steppes seemed a little redundant and I just didn't want you wasting your time if you didn't know they went to the same place. :) I like the blue on "steppes" only - to my eye it just looks better. But since you seem to know it all goes to the same place I'll just smile when I see your changes on my watchlist and chalk it up to agreeing to disagree.