Triumphe Invitation via Email Listserv

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Autocrat's Little Helper

The point of this invitation email is to let people (guests) associate a writing style (voice) with a point of contact (autocrat) - and also for the autocrat to convey information that our guests will want to know. Make the email sound like you.

  • (Hosting group) presents (type/name of event) on (date) at (event location) in (mundane city/state).
  • It'll be awesome and we'll be so happy to see you.

  • We'll have some championships (in the following fields).
  • We'll also have other activities (such as).
  • More info can be found on the website (but only say that if it's true).

  • Brief overview of championships or activities - what's new this year?
  • Children's Activities, parameters, days they'll be held
  • Non-Championship Activities

  • Friendly closing