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Her Excellency Kajira of Wiesenfeuer created and compiled the forms on the following page that may also be helpful: That collection also includes links to Known World documents.

Event Steward Pages

Planning the Event

Mooneschadowe's Timing for Triumphe Planning/Preparation

  • This is an overview of the timing of the event's work.

List of Jobs to do for a Successful Triumphe!

  • An overview list of items that we think about at the last minute after invites are out and we're putting together the site flier.
  • This will be mashed-up with the one above (Timing for planning/prep)

Generic Event Bid for use in Planning

  • An outline of points that are required in a standard event bid.
  • This one isn't complete yet; will be rounded out with information from the two pages above.


Mooneschadowe Autocrat Roles/Responsibilities

  • A detailed list of jobs the Autocrat should think about at various points before/during/after the event.

List of Activities and Championships

  • This list links directly to the list of champions in each of the categories recognized at Triumphe; important for the Triumphe Processional.

Emergency Action Plan, being ideas for options available during an emergency.

  • A list of resources and ideas that may be useful to review ahead of the event in case of an emergency:


Invitation List

  • A list of groups that are likely to attend our event, based on past records from Gate Sheets.

Invitation via Email Listserv

  • A chronological series of points to cover in an email to our friends' listservs to ask them to put our event on their calendar.

Last Minute Before the Event

Mooneschadowe's Mock Court

  • An outline of things to talk about during the court trial run before Triumphe; should help everyone be on the same page the "different" thing we do at our event.

After the Event

Post-Event Thank You Email

  • Template for saying "Thank You" for everyone who helped the event go over so well!

Feast Steward Pages

Feast Steward Roles/Responsibilities

  • An outline of tasks for the Feast Steward/crew.
  • This hasn't been edited in quite some time, and won't be stable or complete as yet.