The Triumphe Song

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[moonescha​dowe] Doot doo doo doot doo doot doo...

martinl_00 via 9/1/09

[Editorial note: This is sung to the tune of the Muppet Show Theme]


It's time to armor up now

It's time to fight good fights

It's time to clean the kitchen in sweet Mooneschadowe tonight.

(civilized folk)

It's time to put on tabards

It's time to serve feast right

It's time to sing the sangin' in sweet Mooneschadowe tonight.


Why do we always come to

Triumphe of the Eclipse?

The folks is way too friendly

And the feast sticks to your hips.


And now let's get things started


Why don't you get things started


It's time to get things started

On the provinsational invitational re-creational Mooneschational

This is what we call sweet Mooneschadowe!

(Haldane tries to blow his trumpet, but it starts on fire instead)