The Province's Honor (including Shire honorees)

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The Province's (Shire's) Honor is presented once per year at the Seneschal's discretion. There are not formal rules for this honor, but there are time-honored traditions including the presentation of a Sable Pennon with a Bullet Hole and the Awarding Seneschal's initial. There is also a tradition of the Seneschal forgetting the pennon and promising one later! The presentation is often made at the last Populace meeting of the year.

Group Status Year Awardee Awarding Seneschal
1. and 2. Shire 1996 Aeddan ap Trahaeran & Gwennan of House Windbourne Alarich Iarngard von Thorn
3. Shire 1997 Treschen von Asselyn Alarich Iarngard von Thorn
4. Shire 1998 Alarich Iarngard von Thorn Guillaume de Troyes
5. Shire 1999 Jean Paul de Sens Walter Robin
6. Shire 2000 Emma de Fetherstan Walter Robin
7. Shire 2001 Oxlade Lachlann MacKinnon Doireann inghean ui Brolchain
8. Shire 2002 Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise Chandranath Mitra (aka Reis ap Tuder)
9. Shire 2003 Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahearn Magdelena da Cadamosto
10. Shire 2004 Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac Magdelena da Cadamosto
11. Shire 2005 Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe Gilyan Clonmacnoise
Group Status Year Awardee Awarding Seneschal
1. Province 2006 Magdelena da Cadamosto Mylisant d'Impinton
2. Province 2007 Rhiannon Redwulf Elsa von Schammach
3. Province 2008 Liliana Byrnes Elsa von Schammach
4. Province 2009 Ludeweicus von Liechtenstein (Ludo) Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac
5. Province 2010 Elyssa de Orozco Sabine Lefevre d'Armignac
6. Province 2011 Elsa von Schammach Jean Paul de Sens
7. and 8. Province 2012 Reis ap Tuder and Lillias MacGuffin Elyssa de Orozco
9. Province 2013 Haldane Sparhawk Liliana Byrnes
10. Province 2014 Najat bint Aygolgesi Liliana Byrnes
11. Province 2015 William du Lac Emma de Fetherstan
12. Province 2016 Estrill Swet Emma de Fetherstan
13. Province 2017 Turpin Tyme Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
14. Province 2018 Laima of Mooneschadowe Rafe Slater
15. Province 2019 Mikjall Stoti Rafe Slater