The Hero's Portion

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wInterKingdom, 2006

In the year 2006, at the evening Feast held at Northkeep's wInterKingdom, Ian Dun Gillan, who was landed baron in that day, rose and told a tale. He said that he had recently gone home to the lands of his grandfather, in Calontir, and a great stag hunt had been held. He described the tradition of the hero’s portion, and then gave the venison to an individual he stated was a hero of the hall – Master Tarl. He asked that after they had an opportunity to sample the venison, that they, too, name a hero of the hall. In this fashion, several people were honored for various reasons.

Master Tarl named His Excellency Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair of Namron.

Duncan named Master Beorhlic Folcwineson.

Beorhtlic named Honorable Lady Elisabeth Christianne de Calais.

Elizabeth de Calais named Mehpare Bint Ejer for her courage in battling illness.

Mepare named Her Excellency Ana Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya, for a variety of reasons including, "Keeping the boys in line."

Mercedes named Lady Faolan MacFarlane.

Faolan named Centurian Angus Machaid Gunn.

Angus named Her Excellency, Elisaveta af Isefjord "for all the hard work she does for the Barony."

Elizabeta named Honorable Lord Llewellyn Hunt for ‘single-handedly providing us with music.’

(At some point, someone) … named Torea of Chemin Noir.

Torea named Lady Zubeydah (However, she spoke so softly, we could not hear the reason given.)

Zubeydah named Honorable Lady Debroa bat Yosef, for being the "quiet soul of service in Northkeep."

Debroa named Ismet al Din Bithia and Damon Hroarson. (Per Damon: “You get one, you get both, but I think it was really Ismet. I'm just the mouthpiece.”)

Damon (“the mouthpiece”) and Ismet named Lord Johann von Aue for “an utterly mundane reason. Anyone who voluntarily puts his life on the line for the rest of us _is_ a hero.” (Johan recently returned from a Tour of Duty in Iraq with the National Guard.)

Johan Von Aue named Wilhelm der Wulf von dem Schwarzwald “for their military brotherhood under whom he enjoyed serving for quite some time.”

Wilhelm named Kayte.

Kayte named Lady Lynn the Inquisitive.

Lynn named Keigan of Ravensfaire.

The feast ended before the Hero’s Portion had all been consumed, and Baron Ian bid that it continue its journey until the plate was empty.

This tradition has carried forward through the years, and is a part of the wInterKingdom feast that is looked forward to each year. Their Excellencies have a haunch of venison prepared, and heros are named.

The Hero's Portion... of Chocolate

In 2015, with the consent of Baron Ian, Zubeydah introduced the Barony to the Hero's Portion of Chocolate, reasoning that there should not be only one event per year in which people would have the opportunity to celebrate those who were praiseworthy and inspiring. (.. and there are some folks who can't/won't eat venison) A variety of desserts are made and served, with their Excellencies of Northkeep (and, if present, Their Royal Majesties of Ansteorra) are invited to name a hero, and so on and so on. It has continued at each Castellan, each year since that time.