The Award of the Golden Beacon of Wiesenfeuer

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The Golden Beacon is a non-armigerous Baronial-level award of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer, granted for excellency in martial prowess.

These are the holders of the Golden Beacon:

Æthelstan Æthelmearson 12/1/2012 Chivalric
Jean Fernald 12/1/2012 Rapier
Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne 12/1/2012 Youth Chivalric
Rosamund Blaunchflur 12/1/2012 Youth Chivalric
William Miesko 12/1/2012 Chivalric
Aldric de Kerr 12/2013
Donovan Fitzpatrick 12/2015
Elric Dracwin 12/2015
Godfrey of Del 4/2017 Chivalric
Angela Francesca de Nardi 12/2/2017 Rapier
Barn Silveraxe 12/2/2017
Cadmus of Namu 4/21/2018
Marcus von Furth 4/21/2018 Rapier
William Lindsey 4/21/2018
Cornelius Meriläinen 4/27/2019 Rapier
Muirenn ingen Chernaig 12/14/2019 Youth Combat