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  • I don't remember being Guard Captain until 2007.

I pulled almost all the information from newsletters. Notice that Charles took over two months later. Maybe you were distracted by all the hoopla of becoming a Knight.

I'm thinking there must be someone else between you and William but I can find no proof yet. ~Ollj

  • I talked to Owen and he sent this info-

"Jp was Captain before March of 2008 because he was captain at the Bordermarch Melee event the november before the 2008 Gulf Wars which I attended." --CharlestheGrey 17:41, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

Jeanpauldesens (talk) 20:47, 11 May 2013 (PDT) Ok, I found this information on the Mooneshadowe mailing list [1]:

Re: [mooneschadowe] The updated history of Mooneschadowe
Posted By:
Thu Jan 27, 2005 6:16 pm |
Greetings oh wondrous shire of Moneschadowe,
At Gulf wars V did the tabard to be known as the Liondragon first
make its appearance. It was worn by Talen, Treschen, Marke, Blaidd, Ox and my
mother Guinhilda. I am not sure if my sister Gilyan, wore one at this time as
she was to young to fight.
The dreaded iron fisted Seneschal Lord Alarich von Thorn announced
the first enlistment of the Liondragon guard at a June or July populace
meeting that would be held at the Lake of the Boomer on a Sunday. Many came to
this great place and swore the oath to protect Mooneschadowe under the war
banner of Mooneschadowe in front of the first Captain Centurion Talon. His
second in command was HL Treschen. Northkeep and Mooneschadowe trained
together throughout the rest of the year.
At Gulf Wars VI the Liondragon guard numbered 12 His Majesty dubbed
us the Guardians of the gate for our exceptional job of holding the Main gate
to the castle. We did as Guinhilda said to do which was to die where we stand.
Trimaris came over the walls and Mooneschadowe was the last unit still
standing when the army of Ansteorra fell.
Northkeep and Mooneschadowe create a treaty that will insure that
these two units will fight always together. This becomes the Treaty of the
Northern Alliance as other groups decide to sign on.
Talon becomes Northern Regional Warlord and makes Treschen the
second Captain of the Liondragon guard. Treschen makes Alarich and Owen her
second in command.
Mooneschadowe and Northkeep become the premier holders of the Kings Battle
Ribbon as Artorious and Adria stepped down at an Eldern Hills Baronial
championship event. By HRM Mahadi with his heir Kein in attendence.
Gulf Wars VII almost the entire shire attended this War.
HRM Reichard gives the Kings Battle Ribbon to Northkeep and Mooneschadowe. I
know it was not at the War when this was awarded but I cannot remember what
event it was given at.
Talen and Treschen moved and Guinhilda became the Third Captain of the Lion
dragon guard Gulf Wars VIII the year that the rain won.
The Kings Battle Ribbon was not actually awarded to any other groups after the
war was cancelled but since it was not taken from Mooneschadow and Northkeep.
I have always said it was awarded to us for a third time, since they never
took it away from us.
Gulf Wars VIV I am not sure if Guinhilda was still Captain or if Alarich had
become Captain by this time. Jean Paul commanded the Northern Army either way
Alaric was the Forth Captain of the Liondragon Guard Gulf Wars X only three members of the Liondragon guard were present. Ox
William and Charles.
Oxlade is made the Fifth Captain of the Liondragon Guard. The scutums that the shire has become renowned for are first used a large contingent of the Liondragon guard go to Winter War Maneuvers in Calontir.
Gulf Wars XI The Liondragon roars back to life with an attendance of 15 fighters
At a populace meeting in May Owen becomes the sixth captain of the Liondragon
The Liondragon guard makes another trip to the Winter War Maneuvers in Calontir taking a large contingent and showing well the lessons of the last year. The Liondragon guard takes a large enough force to Calontir that we are used as a separate unit to destroy the flanks and poles of the opposing side at Winter War Manuevers.
The Liondragon Guard under the title of clan Aeddan. Wins the Rivers War Melees event held by Rivers Run Gulf War XII The Liondragon guard as grown to include all the support personnel and numbers close to thirty. After the final siege battle the shire of Mooneschadow is awarded the Kings Battle Ribbon.It is Marched home and presented to the Beautiful Seneschal Magdalana as promised it would come home.
Again the force that is the Liondragon goes to Winter War Manuevers in Calontir.
William is made the seventh Captain of the Liondragon guard.
Gulf Wars XIII Almost the entire shire goes to this War.
Charles is made the eighth Captain of the Liondragon guard.
The might of the Liondragon guard is felt in Calontir again.
That is all that I remember and that I set this to writing this glorious day
27th of January AS XXXIX being 2005 C.E. Syr Owen ap Aeddan a Marchog of