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  • October 13: Attended Namron Protectorate and spoke to several individuals who were active or prior members of the house. Created graphic based on O and A listing, as no permissions available for existing artwork. Based on information provided at the event, created page. Sent an email to Kingdom and Namron lists, inviting review and additional information.
  • October 15: Received request from Thorvald Egilsson to delete page. Replied with an invitation to meet or speak to review the page content for accuracy, rather than deletion.
  • October 16: Contacted one of the content providers and asked how they felt about the deletion.
  • October 17: Attended local fighter practice, hoping to speak with Thorvald Egilsson in person. (He did not attend.)
  • October 18: Temporary wipe of page.
  • October 24: Again attempted contact with Thorvald Egilsson via email.