Tales of Vindheim Coronet Tourney III

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Vincenti da Murano

At the Vindeim Coronet Tourney something really amazing happened. Viscount Jean Paul and Viscountess Gilyan, prior to their step down as Prince and Princess of Vindheim, made me a Bastion of Vindheim!! I didn't post immediately because well I was busy, and it was huge! I mean I know that as far as precedence the award does not carry any, but to me it is one of the most important ones I could ever receive.

I am humbled that they would select me as their choice for Bastion. I plan to do my best to live up to this honor and to help the Principality of Vindheim to the best of my ability.

Aldric de Kerr

I had a great time fighting yesterday at the Vindheim Winter Coronet Tournament. I wanted to take time to salute all of those who attended. Whether you were fighting, supporting a fighter by being their inspiration, working gate, assisting in areas needed, or supporting the Principality in other ways... You are what makes Vindheim great, which also makes Ansteorra stronger. Thank you all so much!

Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha

Ok so event summary. Strap in folks, this might get emotional.
Vindheim Coronet Tournament.
Y'all I'm still in shock.
Yesterday was an absolute rollercoaster of a day. To start off, Micauley Morison is freaking PRINCE OF VINDHEIM!!! Caterina Giovanni was a literal inspiration of a consort and is PRINCESS OF VINDHEIM! I am so proud of my friends! 🤩

Martel and I received our stunning new feast gear from Spanghollow Pottery and immediately put the mugs to use! We were worried about being too rough for ceramic mugs but, after a helmet was dropped onto his during pickups, we are very impressed with the durability and can't wait to put them to good use!

During evening court, while I was trying my best to entourage for our new Highnesses behind the thrones, I was called into court. Honestly, I was confused. I have my AoA, a couple thistles and a talon, so what is this about? Also, it heckin surprised me! While Martel was handing off the sword of state, Malkyn Hawke and Ashildr inn Harfagri were shaking me to my senses and urging me into court. Martel grabbed my arm and led me into court, his face giving away that something exciting was happening.

Kneeling before Their Majesties, in my slippers (feet are stupid), Queen Toryn II began to speak. In her hand a list of my accomplishments (which I added on to), as she read them I felt an almost out of body experience. I had a feeling that I knew what was coming, but really couldn't believe it. Surely I was receiving another thistle! As the herald began reading Their Majesties' words the gravity of the award I was receiving kicked in the moment "elevate" passed his lips. I was being elevated to Companion of the Order of The Iris of Merit! Tears welled in my eyes and my heart fluttered in my chest. King Creppin pinned my gorgeous ribbon to my shoulder and it all started sinking in. I didn't know what to say! When I stood, I managed to get out a trembling thank you before bowing a few times and Martel led me back behind the thrones.

I was in such shock that all I could do was ask, "what do I do?" Like, 37 times.

We helped break down a bit, and hit the road for our long drive home. I'm fairly certain I was actually literally vibrating by this point. I received many congratulations and several "Honorable Lady"s to which I just stuttered out more "thank you"s. It's now the day after and I am still in shock, blinking away happy tears every time I look at my ribbon (and I can't stop staring at it) Zubeydah gave me a gorgeous Iris rainbow mushroom (and several others for a barter, they're so freaking cute!) that I absolutely adore and can't wait to proudly display.

What a day! I know many more people deserve my thanks and recognition but my brain is full of rainbows (hehe) and I can barely function. I am so proud to be a part of this order and bring honor to my kingdom.

BOIARYNIA (HL) Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha

Emma de Fetherstan

I wanted to thank Their Graces Jean Paul and Gilyan for entrusting me to run the coronet tourney. I had a blast!

The list coordinator table would not have been complete without the totally awesome wooden dolls and heraldry magnets, provided by Gyda Ulricswyf, who was unable to be there herself. Many thanks to her for going ahead and putting that all together and to Astrid Flokadottir for carting it to the event and back home safely.

Huge thanks to my list heralds: Elena dArcy, Jael Magnadottir, and Thomas de Groot (and I apologize if I forgot anyone). Elena and Jael particularly heralded not only the Coronet tourney, but the rapier champion tourney as well.

Thanks go as well to Meadhbh inghean Rois, who came to my assistance/rescue with the armored champion tourney.

And, of course, thank you to Their Sanguine Highnesses, Micauley Morison and Caterina Giovanni for allowing me to run their champion tourneys as well!

And finally, I want to give a special thank you to all the marshals and other helpers that do the actual hard work of keeping our fighters safe and able to do their thing on the field. Many hands make light work.

Vindheim is home!

Sorcha McCullogh

Good Gentles of Vindheim...I would like to take a moment to thank Viscount John Paul de Sens and Viscountess Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise for entrusting me with running the 3rd Coronet Tournament of Vindheim. And for their constant comfort and enthusiasm during the day when I would make sure all was running well.

But a Queen Bee must have a hive of trusted hard workers to bring forth sweet rewards. And so I would like to thank my little hive for all of the hard work they did.

First of all, Rose Marie of Raven's Rest and Sean mac Daniel for coordinating the Gate.

To all those who welcomed you to our event, Vincent Nathaniel Cain, Hu Zhen, Cera Wesa Fiosrach, Stigandr Houlegate, Her Excellency Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui Choncobhair, Losaneta Valeta, and Soledad de Osuna...my deepest thanks for making sure that the first thing people saw was your welcoming faces. You were the first impression people got, and you welcomed everyone home.

To Cera Wesa Fiosrach for making and donating the balls and wooden toys that your children received at Gate.

To those who set up and break down the pavilions we used, Thomas Westleigh, Cristóbal Vázquez de Tarragona, Pat, and Pete (for whom it was his first event, and he jumped right in to help), Diarmuid Map Brain, and Cornelius Merilainen. You made a difficult task an easier one, and you did it with a happy heart.

To everyone who hauled a table, or moved chairs to the pavilions, thank you. That was an effort that took many hands to accomplish and you all did it without complaint.

To Kareen and Eric for running the Gatorade station and helping our little bees from the MOC earn their Bee of Service tassels.

Many thanks to Brad Leah's Herald, Elena d'Arcy for her non-stop dedication to making sure the lists were called.

Thanks to Marguerite Dinard for organizing the layout and Villana Palazolo for taking the Merchants in hand.

To my MOC crew, Liadan of Patrin-Or, and to all the others, whose names I missed (Liadan, please pass my thanks along), for taking on the task of teaching our children how to Bee Artistic, Bee Strong, and Bee of Service. You are growing the lifeblood of the SCA and you should know how deeply your efforts are appreciated.

And to the Barony of the Eldern Hills for the loan of their list field.

The work crew at the Ag Center said that we were the cleanest, most polite, and the friendliest group they had ever worked with. They send their thanks for choosing their location for our Tournament, and many thanks for the most entertaining day of work they've had in a long time.

While I was the Event Steward, I could not have done it alone. My heartfelt thanks go out to my friends and family who helped me, who came to me and said, "What can I do?", and to those who kept me sane when I was positive that it was all going to heck in a handbasket. Any names I may have left out are due to post-event brain, and you have my deepest apologies and thanks for your help.

Vivat to the new Prince and Princess! As Principality Hospitaler, I look forward to working with them and helping Vindheim grow!

In Service,
HL Sorcha McCullogh