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I have installed Extension_CSS which allows the user to create custom CSS styles and save them as a wiki page. They can then be easily applied to an article anywhere on the site.

If you do not know what CSS means here is a Brief Tutorial

Click on Extension_CSS for a description of how to use this.

I suggest that we adopt a consistent naming pattern to avoid confusion. I would suggest that all style pages be named in the following manner: 'Style_name.css' replace 'name' with the name of your style. Then place a link to your page here along with a description of what it does.

As editing a style page will change the appearance of every page that uses that style, it would be polite to discuss it before doing it, or save your new style with a different name.


Style_table1.css Formats a table adding border, background color and padding. Style_Crown1.css Format for the individual Crown pages. (experimental)